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Are you having breakfast today?

Are you having breakfast today?

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Everyone probably knows that breakfast is a useful, important thing to skip. Many people are doing just that. But if you want to be healthy, fit, or lose weight, it's time to put breakfast in your day.

Are you having breakfast today?

There are many aspects to approaching the breakfast request, but first let's see what the research says:
  • THE breakfast power increases brain power in the next urns, with an average of 60 percent. For example, this will result in better tickets for students. This effect has also been observed in dogs. Breakfast-fed dogs did a better job of finding hidden objects.
  • The breakfast border improved eye-to-hand coordination and stressful ability. This is probably due to the fact that regular breakfasts have a better life expectancy.
  • Several surveys and researches confirm that the average weight of a non-breakfast person is higher than that of a breakfast person. Rбadбsul breakfast kihagyуk the day folyamбn 40 szбzalйkkal tцbb йdessйget eat sugary gurнtanak down tцbb szбzalйkkal ьdнtхt 55, 45 szбzalйkkal zцldsйget less, eat less gyьmцlcsцt йs 30 szбzalйkkal.
  • elхbbiekkel цsszefьggйsben close of the regular reggelizхk kockбzata the two tнpusъ cukorbetegsйg kialakulбsбra lower szбzalйkkal 34, 43 szбzalйkkal the elhнzбs kockбzata, 40 szбzalйkkal lower abdominal elhнzбs kockбzata smaller.
  • It is a surprising result, but it only underlines the importance of breakfast: according to research, if an obese person eats at least dessert for breakfast, the likelihood of losing weight increases significantly. Well, even if it's the right breakfast for breakfast!

  • There is a whole chapter on breakfast in the Book of Revival after birth. This is a healthy recipe that does not require a lot of time to turn, and you can get it in the Baby Room here:
    The recipe for quince
  • Those who do not have breakfast want more carbohydrates And they consume during the day, and most of it is not as favorable as the morning owl in terms of daily metabolic rate.

  • Who doesn't have breakfast?
    After that, it's a miracle that not everyone has breakfast. For example, 93 percent of Americans mark breakfast as the most important meal of the day, but only 44 percent of them eat breakfast regularly. On a shocking 2009 data level, the United States (where most of the world's most overweight and deprived people are currently living) has a total of 85 (known as "sweets"), , They contain 60 percent more meat than similar products made for adults. And the average American kindergarten has seen 642 commercials for cereal flakes on television in one year. These healthy foods contribute significantly to excessive intake of carbohydrates and obesity in childhood.
    Interesting, though, some morbid data on the last chosen breakfast breakfast. It was shocking that only 7 percent of those who died due to serious, violent crime had regular breakfast.
    And why doesn't someone who skip it regularly have breakfast? Mostly they claim that they are not hungry in the morning, that they do not have time for breakfast, that they do not have time to make breakfast, and that they prefer to sleep a bit longer than breakfast. Often the hidden reason is that they think it is too good to start the day when breakfast is missed. However, the facts are just the opposite.

    Fly over for breakfast

    If the ritkбn or never reggelizхk kцzй owe, legfхbb time to vбltoztass that you have already azйrt but also because it is bizonyнtja tцbb kutatбs that regularly reggelizх szьlхknek children is greater jуval esйllyel vбlnak reggelizхvй themselves regularly.
    1. Evening utбn can not egyйl jelentхs mennyisйgы йtelt, it is best to gradually бttйrsz jelkйpes vacsorбra raw zцldsйg, salбta, yogurt, kefir, not many tъl gyьmцlcs the lйnyeg to be high rosttartalmъ. Get the night out.
    2. Get up early in the morning to have plenty of time to prepare, have a nice breakfast. A peaceful, stress-free foundation for the day is a delight!
    3. Breakfast on a beautifully laid table and talk about everything carefully. Absolutely generously from the healthy supply.
    4. Breakfast can be the highest carbohydrate meal of the day. For example, oatmeal with raw fruits, lettuce, creamy cheese, no milk sugar and no sweetening. Specific ideas can be found in the baby room diet menus.
    For more ideas, check out the breakfast routines and recipes of other countries and countries.
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