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Can we help a lost baby? Even if it's dirty?

Can we help a lost baby? Even if it's dirty?

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How do people react to a cute, nicely dressed baby if they are alone on the street? And if your face is dirty, your clothes are torn? UNICEF carried out a social experiment.

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In the UNICEF experiment, 6-year-old Anano (who is a childbirth) shows how people behave when they see a small child alone in the street or in a restaurant. Then she would be alone in the street alone, but in a neat, dirty, torn outfit. In the experiment, we could try to get the baby in a dining room, the same thing: first clean and then dirty alone. The results are depressing, though unfortunately not surprising: even though they help a little girl lost in a clean, trendy outfit, the dirty child is avoided, not taken into account, or even disturbed. - asks UNICEF. What are you doing?