All new tastes of the first half

All new tastes of the first half

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What's the baby going to get for their first baby bowl? And what can be cost in the first half of his life? We've collected the most important insights from the first half of the year to help you choose what your baby will receive.

All new tastes of the first half

6-7 days

There are many signs that you may want to try eating: you can grab food and take it in your mouth. You probably have as many as two teeth and can survive, even if you are not alone. Don't be surprised if you only accept a few snacks and tongue out your tongue, it's common not to ask for it at all, and of course there are many good, curious and excited babies who are the first to foam the good. That is, there is no obligation to consume, adjust to your baby's needs!Apply one new ingredient at a time to make sure you filter out what your body doesn't like or skin. It is always recommended after breastfeeding because these first snacks, light little foods are not yet suitable as a substitute for breastfeeding. You may want to breastfeed or breastfeed your baby if you wish to have it shortly.

You can buy from such ingredients

Gyьmцlcsцk: apple, peach, sour cherry, a little banana, pear
Zцldsйgek: potatoes, marjoram, roasts, chestnuts, zucchini
Gabonafйlйk: wheat, oats, rice, corn

So get it done!

You can add the fruit raw or steamed and then whipped with a bot blender. The almбt hagyomбnyosan ьvegreszelхvel we used egйszen fine бllagъra reszelni.A zцldsйgeknйl vбlaszthatod sьtхben sьtйst the pбrolбst or hйjбban and of breast milk, possibly pбrolt almбval turmixolhatod цssze.A natъr megfхzheted kevйs vнzben cereals and milk hozzбadбsбval pйpesнtheted small hand blender. If you have frozen breast milk kits, you can initially add anything to the list, but afterwards, do not cook to prevent valuable items from being lost to us.The offers have changed!
- Unlike the previous ones, you can give your baby gluten-free food at six months of age, that is, you can get wheat, oatmeal and, later, rye and wheat, as it reduces your risk of suffering.
- Although no studies have shown that the introduction of different, often allergenic foods (cow's milk, eggs, soya, tomatoes) after one year reduces the risk of allergy in most people, brother allergies.

7-9 days

If you are advised to go through the cure, you are now probably getting one or two sour cream meals a day, which the baby will always consume after breastfeeding. You no longer need dessert or instant milk. You can gradually try newer and newer ingredients, or even give it a handful of thingssuch as bananas, fluffy, dry bread, soft peaches.Many babies prefer to eat food by hand over spooning, which is fine as well, because they can only be squeezed without teeth. You may also always reject food, but no problem! Don't worry for a minute, you're sure to become interested in food over time, but you may also need to look at it for another year. In the meantime, if you make it easy, but if you don't ask, don't get tired. Of course, starting with a baby who starts eating less than six months ago, it's worthwhile to start, not with a chicken broccoli.

You can buy from such ingredients (of course, not yet)

Gyьmцlcsцk: plums, ringlings, apricots, a little shrimp, yellow melon. cherry
Zцldsйgek: green pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, celery, kale, kale, cauliflower, red and garlic
Gabonafйlйk: бrpa, rose
Hъs: chicken, turkey, a little shorter pig, beef in large quantities

So get it done!

Preferably continue to use raw materials processes, ie roasting and roasting in the oven. It is best to feed the fruit raw to your baby, but very fine patties can be made from a combination of green, fruit, meat and cereal. Unleash your fantasy! Cook the meat with the greens or the cereal flakes. Although meat is not mandatory to eat, it is recommended by a significant portion of nutritionists, albeit in larger quantities, as it is a valuable source of white iron. Find out what views are most worthwhile! Don't chew or sweeten your lives! It is much more sensitive to natural flavors.

10-12 hpm

Photo: Rbtka ЙvaMost babies during this period are fond of food. Those who have said so far are now eating with increasing interest. For those who have loved belly before, they are tasting the family table more and more. If your food is not too spicy, it has no additives, sugar and too many sugars, you can relax it. This is most easily accomplished with the help of a small plastic tray: you can put different snacks side by side and choose what she likes best. You still have to feed with cannula, but most babies are comfortable with hand eating, and they like walking. It's time for the little breadcrumbs! Try simple homemade parsnips, such as roasted meat mixed with tomatoes, oil and onions, but you can count the same success with boiled sunflower seeds, oil, garlic, lemon juice and parsley.

You can buy from such ingredients (of course, not yet)

Gyьmцlcsцk: orange, lemon, tangerine cloves and also handy. Usually berry fruits are expected until the age of another year, but if you really want to, you should sample each eye to see if you are allergic to it. If not, then you can absorb the delicious, ripe blackberries.
Zцldsйgek: cabbage, eggplant, green bean, nipple, lentil, yellow pepper
Hъs: fish
Egyйb: sunflower seeds, eggshells, dairy products from the age of ten months, if you do not have a family history of allergic disease, you can get cow's milk and whole eggs at the age of one, at first only a little curd.

So get it done!

You can try more and more diverse cooking methods, but it is also good if you continue to cook with the usual and popular meals. You can make it thicker than before, you don't have to mix it so smoothly, and you can also try out what your baby will bring by simply putting a variety of steamed ingredients in a single bowl. You can take advantage of these supplies when the rest of the family doesn't eat hot food, or just have some stingy, lots of good food on the table. Prepare to become more and more insistent on what you think you are eating and loving, as most babies will enthusiastically hate their parents.Related articles:
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