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What do you eat if you are breastfeeding? Do You Really Need The Way To Succeed?

What do you eat if you are breastfeeding? Do You Really Need The Way To Succeed?

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Is it true that there is a need for two or more extra for successful breastfeeding? Who's thin, won't have enough milk? And, of course, the thing we always turn to: what can a breastfeeding woman eat if she doesn't want to care for her baby?

My common experience with breastfeeding advice is that during pregnancy, mothers get a long list of acquaintances or wives about foods that they should refrain from while breastfeeding. K font (cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and broccoli as honorary letter K), foods pickled peas onions and garlic, milk and dairy products, whole berry fruits, barley fruits, fruit cherries, beans, peppercorns and lentils, oilseeds, with special regard to diya, some of the lists favor alcohol, coffee and tea. I've also come across a list that included "spices".

Believe that K letter foods should be ignored

Horror, chills, upset - this is what I feel at this time. I get used to asking every mother what she usually eats, (especially complaining of fatigue, frequent sickness), and the truth about this widespread list is widespread. All of this is interesting for two reasons.

There is no point in pre-training!

For one thing, such lists are devoid of any scientific basis. There are no research results justifying such a level korlбtozбsok intent to prevent introduction. It is also good to ask what we want to prevent. The mid-roll list is clearly aimed at preventing the baby's stomach from being consumed by the mother's food. What should I miss out on the diet? - asks her mistresslessly and fatigued mother, who is only on apples, water and rice, because the baby is still persistent in the ball ... Even the belly is not a headache! Or if she has a belly, she doesn't care what her mother consumes. Here are some of the most complex causes of fatigue here. In some cases, breastfeeding mothers may need to skip milk, dairy products, and anything that contains it. It happens that the minimal amount of cow's milk protein that is present in breast milk allergic symptoms (eczema, blood stool) is caused by a sensitive baby. However, if you do not experience improvement in your baby after a two-day diet, you should not continue to diet. More rarely, however, it is also the egg, the dog, or the dog that causes such complaints.

Don't starve your organization!

Aside from being unfounded, the other big problem with these extensive prohibition lists is that you simply deprive the mother of all the meaningful, vitamin and nutritional benefits and quality nutrition should consume. And they are not in the form of dietary supplements in the form of vitamin pills, as they are less effective than fruits and vegetables when eaten raw. but quality malnutrition. It is not on our list of forbidden foods to avoid high-sugar, nutrient-poor foods, foods, junk foods, it is okay to live for a short time, but you will soon find yourself snacking all day and the roach loading slowly and right where you least like it. You reproach your organization, which is not getting what it needs, the sprats are up. And your milk won't get any bigger if you do. Your body weight will only affect your milk production if you are extremely lean or, on the contrary, very overweight. That is, one balanced weight loss it will not degrade your quantity or your quality.

We recommend this

Whether you want to lose weight or just keep your weight down, we recommend you lose weight! With our weekly routines, you can get an idea of ​​what and how much you need to eat in order to provide you with plenty of nutrients, and give it a go. All of our diets can be used safely, without sex, and can be used during breastfeeding. childbirth in the first few months you do not have to make every effort to comply with the prescribed doses. Gradually, the adjustment may be easier! After two weeks, you will feel that your life energy has multiplied! Most recipes can be made milk-free or milk-free, and are designed to give small children the chance to get it. That's right for you! has become a successful book since its launch.They may also be interested in:
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