Everything about the baby: The triathlon mom does the race

Everything about the baby: The triathlon mom does the race

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In the run-up to a seven-month-old baby in the middle of an Ironman race, Jamie Sloan - he managed to beat his own personal peak as well.

The 34-year-old US lady originally planned to stop milking between two stages, cycling and running, but when she saw how cool she was, she did not pause but continued the race. According to Sloan, logistics was the most difficult (for example, not "pointing" at her breast), but she managed to breastfeed her baby at seven months, and she could break her previous record.Mom competes in a race Sloan is also an active member of the Fire Brigade and the mother of two children. He also thought it was important to compete in the race because he didn't have enough milk in the past. "I used to find a way to use breaststroke during exercise, like taking a break while cycling, while I was still rolling," he told the New York Post. "At first I was a little nervous, I was afraid they would look strange to me or be excluded from the competition because of nudity, but I kept myself covered. It wasn't easy because the wind was very painful. But I don't think people really listened to me and noticed that their heads were just big smiles. Two men also asked if everything was okay. I didn't get a single critical comment or a disgusted look. " want to inspire other moms, And to encourage them to exercise regularly, to find a balance between racing and mothering. "There's always a chance to do what we want, it just takes a little creativity," he added. (Via)Also worth reading:
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