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That's why it is possible to believe

That's why it is possible to believe

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Have you ever had to stop your laugh because your kid started believing in something impossible?

Does your child use hobbyism?

Well, your child is not the only such "master worker". Surely the kids can turn EVERYTHING up. An American daddy launched a website where he puts up photos of faithful kids. Can you send him a couple? Check out pictures of ReasonsMySonCry and laugh!

The little boy was upset because he couldn't eat the painted Easter eggs.

There's a reason to swim - the blond little boy wanted to make the last of his soother.

"Dad won't let me hit my head on the phone, even though I think it's so funny!"

The little boy's mom was so wicked that he forced this boy to dress up.

"Mom, let me play in the mud!" "No!" "But Mom, let me play in the mud!" "Okay ..." "Mom, I'm crazy, look what I look for! Why did you let me play there?"

Um, this wicked mom didn't let this little boy play the ball any more.

The baby's mom was able to cook the egg instead of giving it raw. Isn't it hairy?

"Why is this muffin so hot? I want to eat it now, now, now, now!"

Out of tortillas.

Miley was in the father.

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