What should I do if my child burns?

What should I do if my child burns?

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On a sunny day, with an uncovered head, the child should not be left without the proper precautions, the smaller the less. Even with the greatest parental care, it can happen that our child is sick. What can we do?

What should I do if my child burns?

Hundreds of percentages can be prevented

Before considering the methods that can be used if your child is sunburned, it is important to emphasize that the number of burns in the hundreds can be prevented. Do not expose your child to direct sunlight between 10 and 3 dulutes. Play in a cap, hat, thin long sleeve top, sunblock, preferably in the shade, if very small, in the house. We should take more precautions when having small babies, if your baby has gray or red hair, and white skin - they are more sensitive to sunlight. increases the risk of a subsequent skin cancer.

What to watch out for if it burned down?

If your child is gone, then keep an eye out for the following. Take it to a darkened room, remove all clothes as it may irritate the skin, reduce the pain on the burned surface when we get rid of the clothes. If you absolutely need to dress your child, you should add only cotton, very lightweight, very fine fabric. Cool showers, cold water spray, and the use of cooling gels are best, these can alleviate the discomfort. Don't use ice! You can make a lukewarm cool bath with a few drops of lavender or chamomile oil. After a bath, after a shower careful movements soak up the water, do not rub the skin in any way.In drugstores, drugstoresto obtain anti-inflammatory drugs specifically developed for this purpose, which also hydrate the skin. These help to regenerate the skin underneath the blisters and reduce the cardiac damage by absorbing antioxidant components. It is worthwhile to choose dexpanthenol, a vitamin B5 vitamin that contains active ingredients that accelerate the natural regeneration of the skin, And nourish dry skin. Let's drink with the child lots of fluids, if you are still breastfeeding, breastfeed multiple times. Inflamed skin is unable to perform its function of function, which means that it can be very volatile through the skin, so you need to constantly fluidize.If your baby is eating enough berry fruitsuch as currants, blueberries, cranberries, or sour cherries, melons: these antioxidant-rich fruits help skin regeneration. The same advice is valid for larger ones, even if you have lungs, heads on your head, blemishes on your skin or rubbing on it. it is worth avoiding direct sunlight for a few days, since the newly skinned skin is very thin, it can quickly peel off again.

That's why prevention is important

We can't stop the natural flow of fire, we can only alleviate the complaints. That's why, really prevention is important, proper sun protection.