Baby dolls - or fatal misunderstanding?

Baby dolls - or fatal misunderstanding?

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Broken ribs, arms, legs, bruises on the skull. The victim is a seven-month-old baby. His parents went to jail because, according to the defense, they had shaken the child until he said he hadn't broken his hands.

But after a couple of months of negotiations and hell, the heartbreaking truth came to light. It was not the parents who could do the tragic accident. The baby's death was caused by vitamin D deficiency. The name of the disease is English.
Yes, the English course that was thought to be extinct in the modern world, as today's children don't spend their days in windowless factories, and we are a long way from the smoky, dirty England. But over the past ten years, the number of patients has begun to rise again, and the disease is killing deaths among infants. It doesn't even threaten the poorest! In real danger, there are children of well-to-do, careful families who are very much cared for by their parents. So much so that we wouldn't let them out in the sun, without the hats and sunscreen in the skin. They have no idea how severe the effects of total sunlight can be. Because bones do not develop properly in the absence of vitamin D, they bend or break even under the growing weight of the growing child, and cause symptoms such as those seen in severely deprived children.
In addition, not only are bones damaged, but the entire immune system is weakened, so children with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to catch banal infections than their peers and are more likely to recover from them. But vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to explosive growth in diseases such as asthma, allergies and diabetes.
The greatest danger is to children whose mother is already suffering from vitamin D deficiency. In this case, the body will not be able to provide the child with sufficient vitamin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But prevention would be so simple! Although in Hungary every child receives a prescription for vitamin D drops, most parents handle the dosage very loosely. They don't worry if you miss a drop or if the little glass doesn't come out for months. Of course, the diet can provide the necessary vitamin D, but this requires the consumption of oily fish and eggs, which should not be given to children under the age of one. They are left with sunlight and vitamin D - of course, both are given wisely. However, since vitamin D dissolves in fat and is stored for a long time in the body, if one is to fill up their stores with the current sparkle of sunshine, the positive effects of staying abreast of breastfeeding, breastfeeding, it needs a healthy development.
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