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I'm sure there will be family patience

I'm sure there will be family patience

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Parliament passed a law on family bankruptcy, which came to an end in September.

From September onwards, violence comes to life

The KDNP proposal was approved by 142 votes to 1 with 41 abstentions. Yes to the submitters, the Fideszians and the Serfs voted, the Socialists, the LMP and the Independents abstained, while Godbor Fodor did not give a single vote. Paying for Individuals Arranged Between Regulated Frameworks to Pay Ability. Private debt is primarily aimed at avoiding tax liens, as well as those who accumulate overpayments, as they are forced to do so.
Personal tax relief can be initiated by a taxpayer who has assets and disposable income, but that is not enough to pay the tax. The requirement for a petition for damages is, among other things, that the total amount of the debt is between 2 million and 60 million forints, its debt is more than the value of its assets, but not more than twice its more than half a million forints.
Concerning the criteria, the submitters emphasized that the private law should not aim at rescuing groups that are over-sold or over-wealthy.
During a bankruptcy, the list does not need to account for enforceability, mortgage and other claims, and enormous enforceability costs.
The legal act of your private person gives you the possibility of both out-of-court and out-of-court proceedings.
According to KDNPs, the law encourages taxpayers and taxpayers to get tax treatment first, in a more flexible, unbound, and cost-saving way. In doing so, they may agree on low-cost solutions, restructure the loan agreement, obtain a more favorable payment schedule, or even pay off late payment interest.
In the event of unsuccessful negotiation outside the courts, the litigation settlement procedure will commence. In this case, the so-called insolvency practitioner assigned to the adjournment, the Family Banking Supervisor appointed by the Family Banking Service, is responsible for supervising the administration of the admission business. Among the tasks of the estate supervisors is the preparation of court decisions, the conclusion of the private settlement, the conclusion of the settlement procedure.
The Family Supervisor's Office can only be completed with a legal or economic degree, and by 2018, they are expected to take a public administration exam or a legal exam.
If the tax is disciplined during the annual tax refund period - and if creditors have reached a specified minimum repayment - the franchise may waive payment of the remaining tax. The law comes to fruition step by step: from September this year, those whose homes are in danger, the second one, and in the fall of 2016, all sold individuals who comply with the law.
Peter Harrach, leader of the KDNP faction, previously said that thousands of thousands of people could be helped by their donation law.