Never touch the baby, it can cause severe brain damage

Never touch the baby, it can cause severe brain damage

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It has an effect similar to frontal involvement on a child under the age of one, if someone has it, Semmelweis University warns of a child being syndrome.

THE infant baby his head swinging back and forth with strong accelerations and decelerations as the brain slipped inside the skull. It also takes a few seconds to rupture blood vessels underneath the hard brain, cause blood loss and severely damage the baby's brain.Brown Gbor, the director of the Semmelweis University MR Research Center, meets about five similar cases a year, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Never shake a baby when you fuck! It will not stop you and cause enormous damage!

"Once a baby has been awakened, it usually does so many times. Hematopoiesis do not necessarily cause immediate clinical symptoms, and adults often have no idea how severe the baby is when they are tested for MRI. that there are different types of bleedings on both sides of the brain, we can tell what layers of bleeding are, how fresh and how impaired the brain is in a young person. " the second most common fish, a baby babble in turn is the most common form of punishment for children aged 0-3. Usually, parents or caregivers, in their nervousness, helplessness, lose control over the frustratingly weighty baby, so that they are clear of the consequences, but they can the baby's body is dead often only a few seconds at a time, and more than half of the survivors suffered from nervous system damage, with 65 percent seeing it. THE infantile syndrome the most common cause of death among traumatic headaches in the United States is responsible for the death or death of 1,200 to 1,400 children per year, according to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome. with a baby, baby the clinical manifestations may be manifold: can be sleepy, baby may be sluggish, not moving, or extremely anxious. Many times, either the baby or the pediatrician suggests that the baby may have some central nervous system problem. Because the childhood syndrome Usually there is no visible injury or breakage, and therefore rarely suspected of being punished. The only external sign is a tight puppy, because the brain is full of blood. her blood vessels were bleeding. If you have this three symptoms together, you are not asking what happened, with 100 percent certainty you can tell shaken baby syndrome - says the MTI. In this video Dr. Kassai Tamбs pediatric traumatologist introduced "Never fuck your baby!" at a conference that we can be aroused, but we can harm our toddler even in a burst of fun!