Thousands of thousands have called for a total ban on abortion

Thousands of thousands have called for a total ban on abortion

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Thousands of people marched in Bratislava, demanding a total ban on abortion.

Thousands of thousands call for a total ban on abortion (photo: iStock)"All men are men, whatever their size"; "Anyone who kills an unborn child kills the future of a nation," protesters say, wanting to prevent pregnancy or serious childbirth from being sexually abused. According to the organizers, about fifty thousand people took part in the march. Slovak abortion regulations are relatively permissible. For up to 12 weeks of gestation, you may request that your pregnancy be aborted by surgery. And, for good health, we can still have a poll at week 24. Conservative and right-wing Slovakians, however, want abortion banned or a pregnancy of 6-8. Parliament is still debating this month on changing the rules on abortion. For the time being, the government of Iran - Social Democracy and the minority government, the Slovak National Party, has not taken a position on what changes they are making. According to a September survey by Focus Research, 55.5 percent of the population does not support stricter abortion rules, while 34.6 percent do.
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