The kids' home care gift is coming

The kids' home care gift is coming

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Several social and child protection laws have changed: they raise the boarding fee, the adoption fee and the home care fee.

The kids' home care gift is comingJцvхre It is raised by 15 percent dependents who are seriously ill or seriously disabled at home are cared for children home care prize: parents who are unable to provide for themselves, severely handicapped and persistently ill children receive a gross HUF 100,000 in January, with a gradual increase in January 2022 to match the minimum wage at that time. The care can be given to the five parents regardless of the child's age. Mбsfйlszeres цsszegы ellбtбst get the szьlх who also kйptelen gyermekrхl gondoskodik.Az бpolбsi dнj does nyugellбtбs szempontjбbуl szolgбlati idхt tцbb цnellбtбsra, mуdosнtбssal today and lay the lehetхsйgйt that megvбltozott munkakйpessйgы biztosнtбsi also szemйlyek ellбtбsai esetйben idхnek szбmнtson.A mуdosнtбsok йrtelmйben 2019 January is transformed into a rehabilitation card usage rule, so the benefit can be directly enforced by the employee. Thank you for receiving the gift: Provides the same amount of support as your child's 6 months for newly adopted families. For those who do not have the insurance premium required for the adoption fee, they are extending the eligibility for adoption. From 2020 onwards, one-off maternity support will be available to all adoptive parents who raise a child for shorter periods of age, regardless of the child's age. In addition, after your child is raised, you will be able to claim your child. The scope and duration of occupational prohibitions on child offenders are further tightened to prevent child abuse.
  • There is a rise in child care allowance for children
  • The number of children being sent into the room is constantly increasing
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