Home fertility test for men

Home fertility test for men

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Home fertility test for men

United States scientists have come up with a home-based ondtest which, according to its inventions, is as accurate as laboratory testing. An easy-to-use device can be commercialized for years.

Greg Sommer and Ulrich Schaff's inventions allow men to control the quality of their hormone cells in the comfort of their own homes. Those affected will not have to go to the doctor for a procedure. He founded the invention of two a test which in a matter of minutes will impress you. They are currently working on a smartphone application that can store test data, providing a statistical focus on any medical treatment that may be needed. " Scientists have worked at the Sandia National Laboratory, California, to develop a tool that quickly detects poisons and other biological hazards that have served disaster relief when formulated. With this aim in mind, we founded Sandstone Diagnostics, which created the TrakFertility test.

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Sommer said that productivity problem products and treatments aimed at solving so far have focused primarily on women, although men have low sperm counts, which hinders pregnancy.