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The most special pictures of birth

The most special pictures of birth

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More than a thousand pictures have applied for the Birth Becomes Her International Photo Gallery, among which a jury of three countries has awarded 20 photos. Photographers captured the glamorous and difficult moments of childbirth.

image: Birth Becomes Her / Ashley MarstonThe application was available in different categories: birth, breastfeeding, labor, postpartum and maternity. The pictures capture the intimate moments of home birth, breastfeeding, and the first few moments of delicious birth, and you can almost feel the sadness of the time and the sadness. . Marijke Thoenek he managed to miss the moment when a little girl first sees her mother's little brother. What makes the photo really special is that the sibling was also present at the birth and that the mother was in a goodbye so that the older child could have the last chance to have the baby.image: Birth Becomes Her / Marijke Thoenn fotу: Birth Becomes Her / Rebecca Coursey-Rugh kép: Birth Becomes Her / FVBB picture: Birth Becomes Her / Kerfoxkép: Birth Becomes Her / Caroline Devulder pic: Birth Becomes Her / Deborah Elenter See more amazing photos on
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