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RSV has become infected with unintentional baby bumps

RSV has become infected with unintentional baby bumps

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We know it's almost impossible to resist cute, puffy-faced babies, but after a mom's warning post, it's worth considering whether to kiss other babies.

So don't kiss another baby (Photo: iStock) A mother in New Jersey sent a very important warning before the flu season, saying that an 8-month-old baby needs to be treated for a very serious illness. Ariana DiGrigorio's little boy, Antoniorul, shared a photo on Facebook of a baby in a hospital and tied to various machines after being diagnosed with RSV virus infection.In the photo below, the mother wrote the following text: "RSV idхszak. Adults can become infected 24 hours before the first symptoms appear, so please keep your mouth and breath away from the baby's face, hands and feet. You don't have to take a baby to the hospital because it's so cute you have to kiss it! "The mother told me how difficult it was for a child to conceive when it came to kissing a baby. - You can be very cool when I have to tell an adult, especially if you have a family member, to be kind to step away from the baby, and sometimes I can't stop myself from kissing my baby - said the mother. The mother is right, instead of embarrassing other adults by asking them not to enter into such contact with the child. Ideally, people should be asked if they can kiss the baby, but just as a pregnant woman's tummy is able to touch strangers without being asked to do so, she says can cause that infection to even a single infant to be fatal. The RSV infection that your child caught in adulthood can be accompanied by symptoms like a more serious baby, but in a baby, untreated, it can become much more severe and can lead to bronchiolitis (inflammation of the larynx) or pneumonia. While adults can cure themselves, 57,000 children under the age of 5 are treated in the hospital each year for RSV. That is why it is important that you consult your doctor if your baby is feeling unwell, is experiencing abnormally faster breathing, is coughing, or is having difficulty eating (VIA).Related links:


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