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Influenza patients are becoming more common

Influenza patients are becoming more common

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The number of influenza-like illnesses has further increased; January 21-27. Between 70 percent and 65,000 patients in the country went to the doctor last week for flu-like symptoms.

According to the latest report from the National Center for Neapolitan Medicine, all public administration areas recorded more influenza-like illnesses than the previous week. The number of referrals to doctors was extremely high in Tolna County, but many also had complaints from doctors in Hajdъ-Bihar, Borsod-Abaъi-Zemplín and Fejer counties.Influenza patients are becoming more common There was no significant change in age distribution compared to last week: 37.7% of children and 32.6% of young adults aged 15-34. The age group of 35-59 year olds was 22.8% of patients, 6.9% of them were over 60 years old.
Due to the influenza law, the number of visitors is restricted in almost every hospital, and more and more institutions are introducing a full ban at the transplant and surgery clinic, the Bуkay Street and Tыzoltу Street Children's Clinic, the Pulmonology Clinic, the Baross Street, and the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, and the II. Partial Visiting Prohibitions are in place at the SE Internal Medicine Clinic No. I and the Vosrosmajor Cardiovascular Clinic.
Full kцrы lбtogatбsi ban on йs hйvнzi premises of the Hungarian Honvйdsйg Egйszsйgьgyi Kцzpont (Honvйdkуrhбz) in Budapest, balatonfьredi, Heim Pбl Orszбgos Gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​Kцzpontban the Dйl Pest Centrumkуrhбz Orszбgos Hematolуgiai йs Infektolуgiai Intйzetйben and the Jahn Ferenc Dйl Pest Kуrhбz йs Rendelхintйzetben, and Gyula Nyнrх Kуrhбz - Orszбgos Pszichiбtriai йs Addiktolуgiai Intйzetben, ordered the tovбbbб Gottsegen Gyцrgy Orszбgos Kardiolуgiai Intйzetben.Rйszleges lбtogatбsi ban on Gyermekkуrhбzban Bethesda, St. Jбnos, St. Imre Kуrhбzban, tovбbbб Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kуrhбz йs Rendelхintйzetben.Pest not megyйben Patients can be visited at the Józsefs József Kúrhaz Vác, Ferenc Flurr Kúrhaz, the Toldy Ferenc Kúrhazz in Cegléd and the Turda County in Târgu-Mureş is prohibited in the hospitals of Mohács, the islands and the Pécs Mercy Hospital. In the county of Békés the Gyulai, Békéscsaba and the Oroshaza Hospitals.
Patients in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplin County cannot be visited at the county headquarters, the cascade bar and the southwestern district. Rйszleges ban йrvйnyben уzdi kуrhбzban.Csongrбd the county цsszes fekvхbeteg-ellбtу intйzmйnyйben is not complete lбtogatбsi tilalom.Szintйn patients lбtogatni Fejйr the county of St. Gyцrgy teacher has Kуrhбzban University of St. Pantaleon dunaъjvбrosi Kуrhбzban йs the county tцbb бpolбsi intйzetйben.Gyхr-Moson -Sopron megyйben rйszleges lбtogatбsi ban йrvйnyben the csornai kуrhбzban, йs the kapuvбri intйzetben prohibited in Sopron Gyуgykцzpont telephelyein.Hajdъ-Bihar megyйben patients felkeresйse the University of Debrecen, Gyula (DE) Kenйzy University Kуrhбz all osztбlyбn, tovбbbб DE clinical kцzpontjбnak transzplantбciуs, szьlйszeti , oncology and intensive care units, and a pediatric clinic. Partial bans have been introduced on certain wards of Berettyoujfalu Hospital. Visits to patients in the Mátra Cure Department, as well as in Gyöngyös, Eger and Hatvan are forbidden.
Three institutions in Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County - in Jaszberijnyi, Karcag and Szolnok Hospitals - are also banned from visiting St. Borbichi in Tatabanya There is a partial ban on visiting the Kaposi Mуr Oktatуkurrhaz headquarters in Balassagyarmat, Kenessey Kourrzb, and in Andrzy-Berz and Szurfz.
Full kцrы lбtogatбsi ban йrvйnyes йs Tolna County Balassa Jбnos Kуrhбzban the Holy dombуvбri Lukбcs Kуrhбzban.Vas megyйben Markusovszky the University is prohibited Oktatуkуrhбz tцbb telephelyйn patients felkeresйse, and St. Lбszlу Kуrhбz simasбgi йs sбrvбri premises, and must not be lбtogatбs the veszprйmi Francis Csolnoky It is also forbidden to visit the Keszthely County Board of Trusteeship, Internal Medicine and Chronology, and the Children's Department in Zala County. number of internal department. All-round ban on visiting was introduced at the Kanizsa Dorottya Kurzhaz.Related articles about influenza:
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