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10 things most kids don't even think of their mother's

10 things most kids don't even think of their mother's

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"Clearly I have the day when the two blue ribbons appeared on the pregnancy test I just bought. I double-checked: one lean = not pregnant. Two lean = pregnant. Yes, I'm really pregnant."

There is nothing more powerful than maternal love

"My heart was beating faster, I was starting and feeling sick. my life, and it begins to be the brightest, most heartbreaking, yet most significant period of my life. In 9 months, I will know firsthand what it means to be a mother. " Here are 10 things your mom never told you. 1. Crying for you ... a lot
She cried when she found out she was pregnant and even when she was born. Even when you first held your hand. He was crying happier, he was crying because he was worried. He cried because he felt so much with you, he felt your pain and your happiness, whether you noticed it or not.2. Х wanted the last one
But when you looked at those big eyes and licked your mouth, you couldn't eat it. And he was afraid that you were still living well with the city and not.3
I'm sorry when you put your hair down, and also when you cut your sharp rubbing on your skin during a crash. But it also hurts him when you bite him while breastfeeding.4. Always worried
From the moment she conceived, she was only able to defend you as a mother tiger. He was the one who was worried about the neighbor's baby trying to take you in his arms, and he was the one who collapsed at that moment, because he knew that only he could hold you, no one else. Your heart missed two throws as you made the first steps of your life.5. You know it's not perfect
Your mom is her own critic. He knows what's wrong and that's why he sometimes hates himself. She tried to be a perfect mother, but since she was a human, she made mistakes. And to this day, you try to forgive yourself.6. See your body while you sleep
It was like at 3am she was praying for a good night's sleep. She tried to keep her eyes open while she was singing to you, and then begged her to sleep until late. And when he had fallen asleep, he was for a moment tired of fatigue, just looking at his perfect angelic face and happiness and love he had never thought he would. 7. You carried a lot longer than 9 months
He was a must, he did so. She learned how to catch you while eating or just eating. His arms were already very tired, his back tired, but he was holding you because you wanted to be in his arms. You put her in love with me, kissed me and played with you. Because you only felt safe in his arms. You were just happy there, you just felt that they loved me, so he kept you as often and as long as you needed him.8. He has always lost his heart, sometimes crying
You had never heard a sad voice like when you were crying and your face was flushed with tears. He was doing his best to comfort you, and even if you had stopped quitting, your heart would have broken into a million pieces. 9. He was always the first one for him
He went out to eat, sleep, bathing, even if you were sick. You always put your needs first. All day he dealt only with you, in the evening he had no energy for himself. But the next day she got up and started up all over again because you mean so much to her.10. You would do it again
Being a mother is one of the most difficult tasks, making the fortress a challenge. You are sleeping, crying, making mistakes, trying again and learning. You keep busting your borders. But at the same time, it gives you far more fun than you thought, and you realize that you're more in love than you ever thought. In spite of all the pain, all the sleep, all the early awakening, the mother-in-law can do it all again.So if you come to her, thank her and tell her. This can never be said to a mother beforehand.Also read these:
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