Kid and screen: the problematic relationship

Kid and screen: the problematic relationship

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Disable it, keep it up or support it? Most parents have definite ideas and strategies regarding the relationship between the child and the screen.

Even some people don't even want to hear about making a small trip in the virtual world, and other parents - urambocs - use the web or the yesteryear for some electronic gadgetry. Fortunately, it is not our job to do justice to the quiz's request, either against or against. Let's cite the classic: the renowned child psychologist, Jenх Ranschburg was a believer in the center. In his view, television, computer and the Internet are the intellectual diets of the modern world. "Without us, we may be easily deficient in nutrients, which are an indispensable element of healthy mental development. But also, nutrition or poor quality can be easily harmed." Listening to the iconic psychologist, it doesn't make much sense to completely ban monitors from the world of monitors, but you have to be very sharp and strict about boundaries. For example, I received a minor shock when my grandfather of the week announced that he was not interested in "real" games at all, but that the angry birds game was designed for him. there are counted and dependent children, unfortunately, the little ones are more capable of losing control. All of this also means that we have to go to the maximum degree in Iberian. Let's see some professional recommendations! According to experts in the topic, the internet and, in general, screen saver activities can only be offered to children with a very serious time constraint in school: one week per movie or twice per game. It costs more than three years than the time spent in front of the screen. The upper limit should be 30 minutes a day in the Alsу class and at most one hour a day in the upper class. It is even harder to put children offline in the digital world. The good news is, if we come up with a creative and inspirational program, even the most gifted monitor face can turn back and surrender to the real world.The most convenient offline program Let's aim for a great playground in the first round. We really love the tireless Millenárris or the Rumini and the Vuk in Buda. On the Pest side, the Olympia Park is an easy and large playground, and in St. Stephen's Park a small park is lined with a nice little playground. Of course, even in the summer, we need to get ready for the rainy day, and even if we need a few hours for leisure time, playgrounds will be on the door. Apropolis Biathlon is the world's first Playmobil playground. The little one is guaranteed not to be bored amidst the adventures of the variations, while we can spend our patents on a publishing shopping. the computer and they can have great fun instead of the screen if the whole family goes to one of the release games. The capital city and the whole of Hungary is full of great libations, and every street in the city, for example, has a lot of activity in the city. The basements and apartments of Budapest's old buildings are perfect if you want to get away. Claustrophilia, Parapark, Detectivity, Da Vinci's Secret - It is also difficult to list the arsenal of places of refuge in the capital, and in Pécs, let's not miss the place of our teenage children! name a place, and in Győr the Get Out! is waiting for the big cats. Youth is guaranteed to be wonderful even if you visit one of the tбrsasjбtйk-kбvйhбzat too. Such is the Board Game Café in Buda, and in Toulouse's Tárrsa's Gambling Bar waiting for the whole family to forget. Summa summarum - The relationship between the calculator and the child is not a matter of interest, but it is only for the sake of shortness, and only the close supervision of our eyes flicks the keyboard. And if you have to leave your child alone in front of the monitor, you should install a monitor filter software in advance. But whenever we can, close the calculator and the dead, and control the open air!


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