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Pregnant Breastfeeding: The exam can save lives

Pregnant Breastfeeding: The exam can save lives

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Pregnant breastfeeding? We talk less about roula, but unfortunately it does.

Pregnant Breastfeeding: The exam can save lives

Pregnant Breastfeeding is the term used to diagnose a breastfeed during pregnancy or one year after childbirth. In our country, about 80 patients are diagnosed every year, and this the number is constantly increasingOur Breast Health Program considers it important that regular examinations, in addition to focusing on less known, pregnant women, also draw attention to younger generations. When a woman comes to a blessed state, for 9 months she strives to do her best to bring her baby to life. Fortunately, most women in this period have forgotten happiness. But while your baby is healthy, you should not forget about motherhood. There are also several diseases that may threaten a baby, such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, but also include pregnancy-induced breast cancer. Its symptoms are the same as those of other stages of life. The difficulty is that, during pregnancy, lumps that are discovered in the breast are often booked by the mammary glands and, as a result, are diagnosed at an advanced stage. However, as with all types of cancer, the recognition of pregnancy can save lives in a timely fashion.

Examination, examination, examination

THE regular examinations not to be neglected during pregnancy. Whatever lumps are found in our breasts or in our deaths, we should consult a doctor immediately and make sure that no cancer is found in any one out of every 3,000 people. This is an important element of our Whole Breast Cancer Program, launched with AVON, to raise awareness of pregnant mothers. sick so that the fetus remains healthy, "said the topic Gabriella Puskab, President of the Embarrassed Credentials Foundation. The program is supported by AVON support.
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