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Prohibition foods during pregnancy

Prohibition foods during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the food and drinks consumed by the baby can reach the baby, so it is especially important to pay attention to our diet.

Prohibition foods during pregnancyMost pregnant mothers are aware that alcohol and high-caffeine drinks are forbidden during pregnancy, but there are also foods that should be avoided during this period.

What about the mattress?

For the baby, oxygen, nutrition and metabolism are all provided by the litter, which also protects against certain pathogens and toxic substances. Although the placenta is a very effective defense system, unfortunately, it cannot filter out any harmful substances: among them, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and some mild diseases of the baby's blood can cause serious problems for the mother. Smoking, excessive caffeine intake, and alcohol avoidance are especially important in pregnancy, as are banning foods.

The ban food

What diets are worth giving up during your quest, Judit Kovács, dietitian, has helped us. We know from the specialist that pregnancy is possible Avoid raw - for example oysters, buckwheat steak -, or flesh that has not been properly cookedand other raw foods - such as eggshells - because eating them can get bacteria into the body that can damage the health of the fetus. Moldy cheeses can also be harmful, so it is not a good idea to eat them during pregnancy.- Fish and seafood may contain more mercury, as opposed to smaller fish, so more mothers may want to eat it. Mercury is poisonous, so it is worthwhile not only to consume smaller-sized fish during pregnancy, but also for the younger ones - recommended by the expert.Judit Kovács says it is important that let's try to eat less foodbecause it increases your tendency to get wet. - Be sure to treat the used spices and choose only the right source. Very tender, irritating spices should be avoided until the end of breastfeeding - the dietitian has called attention to it. In the case of caffeine, stone and cola may energy drink kerlendendand the harmful effect of alcohol on the fetus is prohibited in all forms until the end of breastfeeding. - A problem that often occurs in a baby is bloating, which increases the pressure on the lungs and heart. However, with a probiotic, frequent, smaller diets, and the avoidance of certain foods, such as dry legumes, cabbage leaves, they can reduce complaints and increase pressure, the expert suggested.

Take care of the raw materials as well as the preparation

In addition to avoiding the mentioned foods and drinks, it is also important to pay special attention to the hygiene rules when preparing the food in order to reduce the risk of contamination. We should also pay attention to the choice of raw materials: avoid the raw, only smoked version, choose a variety of these that are cooked, and buy meat and other foods from a safe source.Related articles about pregnancy during pregnancy:
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