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A child is born - Starting a new lifeHealthier lifestyle

A child is born - Starting a new lifeHealthier lifestyle

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We are full of excuses when it comes to life changing. However, having a child gives us a chance to try to live healthier.

Marianna, Robby and Virb

A family in Budapest, the family founding a family started a healthier lifestyle. They are eating more consciously, but they have not given up traditional eats either.
- My baby is after all he wants to taste what we eat says Marianna Szilaby-Montz, the mother of twenty-two-month-old Virg. And my brother loves to spank, so it is inevitable that the little one sticks out. However, Dad also likes green soups, he is quite talented and his child enthusiastically consumes the cook. So it's not a problem if my son wants a leaner meal, because the baby usually enjoys spending on soup, and instead he just smokes of dad's stew. Fortunately, it is omnivorous, does not log, and benefits simpler tastes. We also make sure that there is always fruit and vegetables at home, which Virgg, who loves dried fruits, can have, says Marianna. Robi, his couple, also loves white bread, but he usually consumes it at work in the daytime, not at the dinner table.
- I don't think it's that simple change perpetual habits, to eliminate white bread or fries, but we make small patches, especially when we have children. For example, we use far less salt and less and less white sugar, as I made fruit soup with lime sugar. Let's say you appreciate sweetness several times a week, and Flower loves biscuits, but I try to get a better, full-bodied variety if you have it. Since you are not used to sugary drinks, you usually do not get tea or cocoa, you drink most of the water, sometimes fruit juice - although I think many people are left with old ingredients because they are much cheaper and easier to buy. And yet, there are many things to order on the Internet if I go to the store, the voters are small and there is no organic store around the corner, and the situation is worse.
- No problem, huh more food is on the table, the point is that if we can do it, let's get together, and sell it to your quality - fries still to dr. I found Bnes a nutritionist. - Kids say they eat what their parents like. Let them have this power, they are unnecessary to force our will, the example is much stronger anyway. If we pay attention to diversity, we consume a lot of green and white, while avoiding sugary foods and drinks, we can be calm.


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