Are these numbers dangerous?

Are these numbers dangerous?

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Are you better off getting "all-free" food? Or is it just superfluous para-fancy hysteria with no additives? Needless and harmless, necessary, but unhealthy, or simply deceiving our signs?

I foresee that all additives will undergo a strict licensing procedure before they enter the food, where of course the amount is well regulated and the upper limits (ADI) are met with very high safety margins.
If you approach the request from here, there is not much cause for concern, at least if someone is allergic or sensitive to some of the additives, because you should read the aprу letter section on the packaging to prevent accidental eating. Most commonly, some of the colors, preservatives and sodium glutamate and other enhancers can cause such problems.

Why do we have additive?

It is far more worrying to approach the question of why additives are included in food. Unfortunately for us, for consumers, who, as countless food and market research has proven, we want a new and showy product.

Are these numbers dangerous?

- That's it adalйkanyagok - between them flavorings - favorably influence food properties. They make food processing easier, improve product quality, and last but not least extend its shelf life - read the justification in one of the best, most comprehensive collections of articles on the subject.
Flavorings and additives may only be authorized if they do not have a healthy effect, are not intended to mislead the consumer, and are not added to the product as much as possible. In addition, it does not matter if its use can be justified from a food technology perspective. But whatever the reason for the use, must be marked on the packaging of the productwhat went into it. In the case of aromas, it is possible that a more complex taste is obtained from a variety of aroma blenders, in which case it is not necessary to add all.

Admixtures and anesthetics

Legislation does not extend to this effect of additives, since it is not intended to have direct effect, but to ensure that its purpose is nothing more than to even more food is eaten - generally successful. An example of this is the case of a well-known spider who, at the very beginning of his venture, made many more full-grain, additive-free products, but he soon had to realize that they would not get rich, but they would not get rich.
Then it slowly transformed into pastries, barns, breads that people wanted to buy. For example, the sweetest of the donuts is the one that is covered with a glossy, richly colored sugar bowl and is also lined with colorful candies…
Market research also proves that surely the senses are better in the sense of the senses, counting on the sweetness of the sweet, and the captivated on the character, not to mention the exquisite colors, good sweets and energy drinks. Although sugar does not count as an additive, let us not forget: the sweeter products are better consumed!
Wonder that you can't get acidity without a sweetener anymore? Likewise, the majority of people expect longevity. That is why almost every store picked up contains preservatives and good food. And what you stock up on at home will run out, as you are always there.
Of course, at any time, you can think about buying something that is completely unnecessary from your point of view, and even fattening it out in the long run. You may initially find the food insane, but that's not sure. After a while, it can get boring if you do smells of sodium glutamate in everything, and maybe you'll be a bit of a smooth kale cabbage. You also want to avoid everything that contains aromas and colorings.
It's not a problem if you have a great color and taste in your home made from fresh ingredients and a little yogurt. There's no doubt that you'll feel better when you make your own strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries, a few drops of lemon juice, and natural yoghurt, without condition and without sugar. In-store fruit yoghurt does not stop the spoon because it is so super quality…

Additives in breast milk

The adalйkanyag molecular size and many other factors depend on how much is included in breast milk. But you can rest assured that you are getting to know your baby a lot by mediating breast milk.
In the literature (Lawrence, Ruth A., MD, Lawrence, Robert M., MD. Breastfeeding A Guide for the Sixth Edition of the Medical Profession. Mosby. Philadelphia. 2005), a case of ruminant green ingestion by the mother has been reported. she also painted breast milk green, and there were examples that artificial sweeteners caused a change in breast milk that the baby didn't want to adopt. If you are breastfeeding, caution is particularly warranted!

Additives in children's food

The smaller you are, the more careful you are Do not eat food containing additives. Even though a small child has a much higher dose per unit body weight, you don't have to worry about being poisoned. However, it seems that the cost of foods with a lot of additives is not mutually exclusive.
Many signs point to some artificial colors And a tartуsнtуszerkйnt addition of sodium benzoate in home-cooked marmalades can also lead to hyperactivity in children. That is why the British Food Authority has begun manufacturers to voluntarily discontinue the use of what is unnecessary, but it seems dangerous to use colorants.
It is simply worth spending the little extra time preparing your home "free" to get used to these natural, natural flavors. As an example of a sandwich that needs a dozen rows of add-ons on its packaging, it is definitely something that children (and adults) have nothing to gain, even if they are not. The first years of life count a lot in the development of a sense of well-being.
If this is natural for him, he will find food containing aroma and sugar to be too sweet, too loud, and such bread will be plastic. At the very least, we hope you have less weight problems to deal with. Also in children, the same additives should be avoided as in any human body: flavor, natural and artificial aromas, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives.

Additive-free meal

If you buy this, you will eat less, healthier and fresher at high currency. All this will help you keep your weight down or lose weight. Money spent on food is also being restructured: you'll spend more on greens, fruits, but on sugar, baggy soup, topped with red marshmallow, sticky sandwiches. Maybe it's going to be cheaper for you! You can find a complete list of E-numbers here, where you can find all the relevant information.
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