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Marcsi's Pregnant Man Diary - Month 3 - Big Dinner to Little Litter 8-12. hйt

Marcsi's Pregnant Man Diary - Month 3 - Big Dinner to Little Litter 8-12. hйt

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By experience, my little mother is attracted to each other. Where one over his head, there will soon be more. My nephew began, my colleague continued, and then my friend. Now come the pocaksim, the big talks, and the babies.

It's interesting to see how much everyone wears the first few weeks. Some people do not look like a 12-week pregnant, and even after three weeks, he has big tummies. Unfortunately, I belong to this latter group. But I'm afraid this is not what your baby can do with his or her center of gravity. This relief has been flowing here so far ... But now I can print it out and happily let the world know, I'm not a stone - baby dolls! Not unexpectedly, in the past few years, every fish in my diet has been triggered. I was so pretty, baby-wearing, I feel pretty, and it's no wonder I wanted this status the last time I was born (six years ago).
My little ones are getting more and more enthusiastic about the little thing, every night I tease my tummy, sing to her, and yell, "Are you a baby or a baby?" What do you want your name to be? You want to be Caramel, aren't you? - they grin at me and then glue my ears to my stomach, listening to the answer. It's a whole new thing to me, while my second big one was just one year old, he didn't realize what was happening to his mother.Marcsi's doctor: dr. Zoltán Ambrus Birth and Birth, Medicover
- At the 12th week of genetic ultrasound, we can't tell if the baby will be a boy or a girl, but it does provide much more important information. It is very important to measure the thickness of the tailbone and to determine if there is a nasal bone - the thicker bone and the lack of the nasal bone may indicate Down syndrome. In this case, the spine, skull and limbs are visible. And whether the fetus has fluid in the abdomen, how well the internal organs are working. The so-called combined test completes the image information. This is a screening test from which the genetic value of certain genetic differences can be determined. The result that a mother gets at hand is a ratio calculated based on her age, genetic ultrasound and her blood count. By march, this number was 1: 3700, which means that out of 3,700 mothers with such results, only one had a fetus with Down syndrome. This is good to say, so you can rest on your baby's health.
I also see a change in my brother. Although every day I tell me that I'm beautiful and desperate, I had to realize that for the two kids, this third is more of a natural rhythm. Even when I was expecting the first one and sleeping every morning, I was sure that when I was done, my treasure would be there with a glass of lemon water to give it a better taste and refresh myself. When the second came, I was just trying to grab the one and not hold onto my clothes while leaning on the toilet. But the fact that you are going to treat my heart with such a routine with the third one, I really did not count on it! When we went to Children's Island on one weekend, the combination of the hot day, the hunger and the pregnancy, I was completely unwell, and as we walked back to the car, I stopped and leaned on a tree. My boyfriend said, "What are you doing now?" - What do I do, I'm sick! I whispered dead. - And that doesn't go well? he urged. Of course it goes, I growled, and picked myself up tight. But did I get a little upset that a couple of mothers with two children didn't feel sick for a couple of minutes? I know the answer really well, the onset of pregnancy for men is very untrue, and laziness and anxiety.
In addition to all the happiness, I certainly have anxiety. Because I know very well that not all pregnancies come to an end. On the evening before the 12th week of ultrasound, my university class called. He started bleeding in the morning, went to the doctor, and the little fetus developing had no sound. I was terribly sorry. Just a year ago, I had the same experience with our previous baby. It simply disappeared in the midst of the passage, without any sign of it or noticing it. Not to be easy to process, I came to think about a year later when I said "one of my kind three-child moms" and only when I said that I had only two children and a He turned back. After that, I know they will stay with me.
With such sensations and thoughts, it was not easy to go for ultrasound. But what I saw there absolutely fascinated me. The baby was waving in my stomach, looking at her beautiful skull, her calf's hands, her two toes, her small stomach, swallowing amniotic fluid. In addition, my brother and two children came to this examination, so they could finally see what was inside and their secret had become true to them. And being able to live it together was a miracle. And all sorts of anxiety have gone away from me.