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5 tips to keep your child material

5 tips to keep your child material

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Teach her that it is not objects but human relationships and states that are the sources of true happiness.

5 tips to keep your child materialHow many times have you ever come to the point that you needed to miss a store because your kid started to believe because he didn't buy something for him? Unfortunately, in today 's world, where advertisements are coming to the fore and children are being harassed at a very young age, it is very difficult to counteract the negative effects of consumer society. What they see is what they want to get, whether it be a play, a dress or a dress. In addition, the distorted message these ads imply is that spending money and owning objects increases self-confidence, engagement, and happiness.You must We give you lives that have changed. Material things can be replaced and consumed, but friends and memories are not. Here are some tips you can use to guide your child up the right order:

1. Do it without spending money

Show your child that they can have fun (alone and together) without spending a penny. Dance in the living room, play a role-play or play fun! Show him hobbies that are not expensive, but you can learn a lot. For example, paint or garden!

2. Test it

"If we are not happy with what we have, we will be frustrated and frustrated about our lives. Practicing the hell will make you happy and tired," he says. Christine Carter sociologist, happiness specialist. "Let's try to teach our kid this, too, by asking him every night to list the 3 things he'll be doing that day," he suggests. Nancy Shah pszicholуgus.

3. Show an example

If we buy it ourselves to get the latest iPhone, what do we expect from our kid? The little ones learn everything from us, the lure, the liveliness, and the material or the hair, whether it be hair or not. Also, the jealous comments we make about the neighbor's wild convertible are ignored - these are small things.

4. Reward with awards

Don't reward your kid's achievements with games or puppies, but with a super community program! Go to a theme park, museum, picnic, go out or meet your little friends. This way, your child will appreciate much more the connection to their loved ones, and the author of the new features will be better than a new baby car or Barbie doll.Related articles in parenting:
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