Auxiliary aids for Szislés

Auxiliary aids for Szislés

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Armchairs, ribbed walls, balls, butter bars, French beds: very few domestic living rooms can boast of such furnishings, buttocks. Blank stacks are all helpful or are they really helpful?

In cold water

When almost another decade saw new winds begin to breed in the home birth, the first step was to become single-minded and generally practice. However, the presence of the father or other personal exterior necessitated the elimination, or at least the alteration, of a large room similar to the former, huge room. We are hearing more and more birth is a natural process, therefore, hospitals also had to provide tools that in some way help with labor and delivery. So, the lantern, the narrow and tall bodyguards, the CTG, and the fiberglass cabinets, are fitted with a purple wall and are physically shaped. More and more babies can boast of telegraphy, fashionable colors, adjustable baby bed costing millions of forints, but the cost of a simple, inexpensive, horseshoe baby is less.
Unfortunately, there is an institution where it is, but it is really just dementia, and they do not even remember if anyone has ever used it. For inquiries, nurses or doctors would say that babies do not like them. Of course, the blessings always bless you. The question is, do the staff know exactly what these tools, fixtures are, and telling the women, when, what they can be used for, and how effective they are.
A common slogan is "Home in the village". Speaking exactly, everyone knows that he is most comfortable with the walls of his home, but many people already feel anxious in the hospitable environment. For this reason, three (almost one hundred) bridesmaids were not allowed to screw a ribbed wall on the tiled wall, and there was a large, colored ball in the corner, but they looked a with the exception that there is a comfortable bath in the corner.
In our photobooks in the alternative room of St. Imre's House in the capital, we now show exactly how these furnishings serve the comfort and safety of the pregnant mother. Hopefully, sooner or later, it will be given to all our readers to try and experience it: not only are they fashionable.
"More than two thousand women have been born here, nearly a thousand born here, in their chosen position (about six hundred in some upright position), with a male or another assistant. Further details can be found on the hospital's website and in the November 2002 issue of Maternity. Professor István Rбkuczi, Head of Division, said: "It has not been easy, after years of prudent practice, to bow down to the young woman."

A doctor, a psychologist, said

In hospitals where the birth and delivery of childbirth did not involve the creation of a home-like living room and the purchase of butter-less devices,
- "The so-called butterfly devices, the two, the ribbons, and the medicine ball (sic!) Just share the attention of the expectant mother, confuse her, and this is not what the baby is saying. Not the technique. And the wall hanging on the walls in the year. Comfortable, adjustable beds also make it unnecessary for babies and babies. "
- "These tools are used to help reduce the pain in the butter. they can experience virtually pain-free overtraining and childbirth. "
- "Today's struggle for external health care is far too prevalent, everyone is trying to attract more and more patients to their class.
- "valу the fьggхleges position szьlйs the anyбnak kйnyelmes valуban but tцmegvonzбs strength is not jбrul hozzб jelentхsen the kitolбs erejйhez, is nagyjбbуl tнzszбzalйknyi tцbbletet however, cause a lot of kйnyelmetlensйget the szьlйsnйl present lйvх szemйlyzetnek Ezйrt not szereztьnk in szьlхsбmlit the New Account, бllнthatу... a baby is more expedient from this point of view, it is the parent woman who can control her. "

First of all, I felt this was…

Our first girl was born in May 1993, the second in 1996. I didn't feel that it was up to me what happened to me. What was left of me: infusion, lying down, pain. Our third child was expected in August 2002. Now I was preparing to give birth to meeting five. The first day of birth, the attitudes and conditions in the hospital changed.
When the trouble began, the living rooms were full, but only the alternative room became available. Nothing disturbed the rhythm and naturalness of the buttering, I could try everything: ribbed wall, chair, French bed, rocking chair, bath. I used to use the ball most of the time, living, leaning, rocking. Gravity and movement really help!
Sometimes the baby listened to the baby's voice with a small wooden bowl, and after a few hours she had a fracture. I was just watching for ourselves: peace and quiet, security and tremendous sensations. For the first time in my life, I felt it was good. That pain is good too. Unfortunately at the end of the butter, I had to lay on the traditional bed. And in this traditional situation, I have run out of power. The instruments worked, the infusion came. I made it out of the other state. I could barely grab my foot, and I could not recognize my pussies, so I felt I could no longer, anything could happen. I still didn't understand what was going on with me.
M. S. D., Pбty


We went in to her parent's room. Raised the adjustable baby headboard in an upright position, so I went on. The poodle held my hand. The time before the disappearance of the cuneiform was the most difficult, lightly recommended to get on the big ball. I lay in front of the bed, leaning against my midwife grabbing my hand, dancing my dear sits narrowly, massaging my waist, apart from all the help. I also asked that no one talk to me, so I felt like distracting myself and Marcir.
Finally, I was born on the cot in a semi-upright position, enjoying her support.
K. Tnmea, Szekesfehérvvr

In use

1. During maternity breaks, the mother still smiles. You can comfortably rest on the huge French bed and put one of the pillows in the middle of the field and the other under your head. These treasured urns are treasured! They allow us to gather strength for the last period of exhaustion, trying man, and getting out.
The traditional baby bed is so narrow that it gives good access to the baby from the side, but it is difficult to turn around, and it requires a little cub to get up. On the other hand, a French bed evokes the feel of a home bedroom, an island and a fin where the young woman feels safe. If you want to have a baby here, your husband will comfortably cook to keep it, and finally, with the baby, you can relax in your baby's triumphs. Experience has shown that half of the women who choose an alternative room bring their baby up here, lying down or lying down.
2. Of course, in the case of headaches, the situation is not too cold. A good change of situation is good. Spectacular situation has a good effect on the agitation phasefor which you might want a soft, over-the-counter mattress or a low commodity that is just so high that you can drop the softness of your soft-spun cushion. It is possible that this posture is so comfortable that it would be best to bring the baby to life. Nothing to stop! The large volume allows the helpers to have good access to the baby from any direction. In this posture, you can massage your waist well, and shin protection is easy to do with just the exact reverse of your usual routine.
3. Until we had a ribbed wall, the little mother was clutching the aluminum door handle of the toilet door when the cribs came in, said a provincial county nurse. This gave you a great glimpse of the essence! Naturally, the ribbed wall does not go to your birth room to perform and stomach exercises. (It can serve a similar purpose with a thick twine.) Different heights allow you to hold on to the support. Anyone who wants to give birth to a baby will probably choose this option among many. It is very beneficial in terms of fetal circulation. The disadvantage is that if the pregnant mother gets very tired during the pregnancy, she will not have the strength to be born in this position. There's also a little headband in the corner, so your baby is just getting taller to help with the bailout.
4. The physiological ball relieves the strain on the spine in particular, and the soft springing and gentle rolling of the ball helps with the pain. You can not only rely on it, you can also rely on it. One of our readers felt that he had to get off the ball where he felt so good because he was so overwhelmed by the baby's head. Of course, you do not have to keep it! The ball is a special aiding aid, and at the end of the stretching program, the expectant mother is looking for another position.
Of course, an alternate living room does not mean the complete rejection of the state of the art. With a small, portable "bubble pop", the baby can control the sound of the fetus at any time, in any position. The trained practitioner does not need continuous monitoring to determine if the baby is well.
5. A relaxed, warm, pleasant bath can help your baby during the toughest moments in the design and bulky bath. The lighting in the living room can also be set to strong, since it is easier to relax in the dark than in the neon lights in the backlight. Perhaps it is the two small warm chains of the candle that reminds me of the twilight of a sea of ​​drizzle: the moment the fetus starts to fly! You could still be born locally if your mother didn't feel like getting out of the water. However, the majority of Hungarian births are banned from water births., only pregnant women can spend their time in the water. Listening to fetal voices with a water meter can also be done here.
6. The horseshoe shape is the oldest, a well-established, well-established birth aid with thousands of years of tradition, which is also excellent for fetal oxygenation. It allows for an upright posture that is beneficial when extending, while providing comfortable thigh support in a flat, squat-like position. The diameter of the pool reaches its maximum at this position, and the risk of barrier cracking may be reduced. The obstetrician has good access to her buttocks and the helper is welcoming and holds the baby. It can be comfortable to spend time in the middle of a clutter, but it really only comes in the postgraduate phase. Thanks to the fact that in the meantime she is getting pregnant and moving her baby to bed.
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