The best parties for the little ones

The best parties for the little ones

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Birthday, carnival or other gathering: it is not always easy to hire a group of young children who are excited to be "partying like the big ones". Come on, some simple but entertaining games!

What kind of games should we invent for the party?

Sculptures of Táncola

Put on your kids favorite music they can dance to and jump on. However, when the music stops, everyone has to erect a statue. Whoever moves will fall out. The winner who will stay in the game for the last time!

Get away from the shoe!

Let's lay down a blanket on the ground. Turn on the music so the kids can dance. When we stop it, everyone has to curl up on the blanket so that nothing falls off the roulette. The driver can tickle an adult - the shark - to check that everyone is safe. It's worthwhile to make it harder and harder for each turn to make the deck smaller and smaller.

A job and a job

Let's put the kids in a big circle, and give the kids sitting opposite each other a bean bag, a little ball or a play ball. One will be the ruka and the other will be the hen. The games must be passed on to each other so that the rook cannot catch the work.


Let's put the kids in our own goose row. Let's guide them to the music, but in a way we do all kinds of funny "dance moves" and they have to emulate us. For older children, there may always be another driver. You may also be interested in:
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