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Thyroid Examination During Pregnancy - When Is It Justifiable?

Thyroid Examination During Pregnancy - When Is It Justifiable?

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Numerous studies have proven that inadequate functioning of maternal thyroid gland can cause severe infant and nervous system disorders, so proper treatment is essential.

When Is Thyroid Examination During Pregnancy Just When?

However, even today, little babies are not screened for this, even though their need has been raised several times. The tympanum dr. Békési Gбbor PhD, the Thyroid Specialist of the Buda Endocrine Center.

The baby may be seriously injured by the mother's underactive thyroid gland

Studies have shown over and over that maternal hypothyroidism has a very negative effect on fetal development. The problem is itself it also makes pregnancy difficultand can lead to miscarriage. If the pregnancy is interrupted or the thyroid gland is raised during pregnancy, it can lead to developmental / nervous system malignancy, leading to preeclampsia, premature birth, and placental dissection.

Changes during pregnancy

It is important to know that changes in thyroid function are a natural occurrence during pregnancy. In the first trimester, TSH levels decrease slightly with the rise of HCG, but later the fetus gains thyroid hormones (T3, T4) from the mother, and this causes a change in the likelihood of The value of TSH varies, but if its level is outside the reference range at that time, it is imperative that the problem is addressed so that the baby can develop at an appropriate rate and time!

Thyroid screening during pregnancy

If the mother was aware of thyroid dysfunction before she was pregnant, it is advisable to regularly check the function of the thyroid gland during pregnancy, in order to be able to adjust the dose if necessary. Otherwise, unfortunately, there is no mandatory filtering, despite the fact that in many countries (including Hungary) this requirement has been raised.Dr. According to Gábor Békési PhD, TSH, T3 and T4 should be checked monthly for diagnosed, pregnant thyroid patients, and in other cases this is not necessary. On the other hand - as most kбrokat cause problйma - during the vбrandуssбg menniьk йrdemes mбsoknak also legalбbb once vйrvйtelre, kьlцnцsen if elхfordult the illetх csalбdjбban you have already pajzsmirigybetegsйg or if the mother glutйnйrzйkeny (autoimmune thyroid disorder йs the glutйnйrzйkenysйg egyьtt jбrhat) .Ekkor because mйg the problem may come to light in time before it has caused irreversible damage. If you have thyroid dysfunction, you can remedy the condition with medication.
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