Influenza And Colds: Natural Cures

Influenza And Colds: Natural Cures

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There are a number of natural solutions that can be helpful to the body in combating or preventing disease. We've collected a good pair.

The most stubborn virus in mind years - hear a lot now. Most family members have one or more family members who have already been killed by the flu. Or, it is just falling back. As the number of influenza cases continues to rise, more and more hospitals are introducing a ban on visiting and patients with more than 30 percent of children are targeted to boost our immune systems. Whether we are sick, we want to avoid being ill, or we want to protect our family from influenza.

Natural help in case of flu

Honey, garlic

Honey is in most households (but it is important that you cannot give it to children under the age of one). If you fool it with a little garlic (also called a natural antibiotic), you will get a mix that will be a very useful "gezemice". Of course, children are careful with garlic;
You can also do a frying of garlic and peppermint, give it to the little ones with green, so they prefer to eat it.


It is also nutty, but at least as useful - and tastier than garlic - and is also an important food for increasing the body's natural defenses. We can make tea, grate a little water or add it to food. It can also help to relieve coughing throat.


A lot of things have fallen out of fun. Suddenly purple greens contain very useful nutrients and combined with a little apple make it easy for children to eat because of the appetizing water. It is very rich in B and C vitamins and folic acid.
Of course, we can preserve most of the vitamins raw, so - if you have a vegetable spray at home - you can make juice, mix it with yarrow or apple juice to make it easier to deceive.

Classic citrus

In the case of lemon, orange, grapefruit, we don't have to struggle with being delicious. Most know it, love it, alone or in tea, fruit salad. In addition to its vitamin C content, it is important that you help to drain the fluid during your illness, and by eating healthily, your immune system will prevent it from contracting. Black Radish Do not shy away from black radish, which is very rich in vitamin C, strengthens the body's resilience. It is also highlighted by its beneficial effects that it helps the liver and bile function, as well as accelerates the elimination of raw materials, which also helps the body to function properly.
Practical advice that can be useful for predominantly children: if you loosen the greens and put them on the outside, you will lose the pinch.
Another application tip: cut off the base of the radish to stop it and top it off. Let's go into a dip into which we pour a little honey. (Just enough for the radish that you will allow.) Put the "radish cover" on the honey "radish stump" and leave it overnight. Honey mixed with radish the other day, ringing in the throat and cough.


There is also help that you do not need to eat. Eucalyptus essential oil added to the steaming process may help relieve the symptoms of sore throat and cough, and reduce inflammation. It can also be inhaled or placed on a warm body.


Fluency supplementation is important for a healthy body, but when you are ill, it is important to make sure that you have a pleasant, consumable, room-temperature tea for your patients.
During the cold, flu season (and after that, of course), herbs can be of great help. To reduce the symptoms of cystic fever, we often recommend teak leaf tea, but do not forget about teak tea, which can help with sweating.
White tea also helped during the troubled period and is also recommended for children. There are some who swear by elderberry and acacia tea, but in the case of throat and cough, thyme is worth a try.
Lymphatic syrup can also be used in popular homes and children when they complain of sore throat.
When using natural medicine, you should always consult your doctor, especially if you are already taking some medicine for your illness.
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