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There are a number of illnesses and conditions in which one or more foods should be avoided. Symptoms go beyond diet and children are likely to develop food allergies. But adjusting the diet is no easy task…

It is easier to prevent trouble, although it is not always successful. If you have a family history of allergies, it's best to avoid the most common allergies in our family until the age of one: this is cow's milk and eggs. HA formula is also made from cow's milk, so it cannot be given to infants in case of cow's milk allergy. It is effective if the baby is given breast milk only for six months, and breastfeeding is continued until or after the age of two, since there is no need for premature introduction of dairy products or formulas. Nowadays, every tenth child suffers from temporary diet allergies, and the proportion of those who are allergic to more than one ingredient can be counted.
This is the most common childhood allergy, usually caused by premature weaning, and is the result of a cow's milk diet. It can also rarely occur in breast-fed babies if the mother drinks large amounts of milk. Symptoms vary: fraud, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, faecal occult blood, asthma, frequent upper respiratory catarrh. If you are really allergic to cow's milk, you should follow a strict milk-free diet. It is not easy as milk contains most of the baked goods, pastries, sweetness and preparation. On average, after two years of strict diet, under medical supervision, you can gradually slip dairy products into the diet, and you can probably drink milk by the time you go to school - but you shouldn't. You can grow it without milk.
"We had the hardest withdrawal from Rudy Ruddy," says Orsi, who had a young son when he became aware of cow's milk allergy. "But I had to be strict, because for a month now he had been constantly diarrhea that we could hardly go out because I had to change my diaper." We first suspected infection, but found no pathogens. At the suggestion of our home doctor, we tried out a milk-free diet, which was very soon successful. We got a list of what to eat and what not, but first of all I was desperate for a kitchen. My son loved the greenies, but in the meantime, he put everything in sour cream and he still demanded it. The croissant was also on the blacklist. I discovered an Italian plant milk, which is similar to the sour cream, I made bread at home, and made slices of charcuterie. Half a year later, I slowly slipped dairy products back into my schedule. First, the cheese, then the yogurt. After a year, I decided it was time to drink milk again, but it was too early to always complain.
Maternity Tip: Not only cows, but all animals should have milk during the diet. One third of milk allergies are allergic to your mouth, so it is better to drink only tea or plant milk with your baby. You can also get rice, oats and almond milk. Better not get used to eating some milky, sugary desserts. Not a big loss, it takes years to taste Tъrу Rudi!
You can't eat anything!
It is fundamentally correct for you to slowly add baby booze to family cooking. However, it is not good to get new varieties of white at the same time in small doses, mainly before the age of one. Always taste only one or two snacks of new food to observe the effect.
"My eight-month-old baby was hurrying after every meal she saw on my palate, then leaning on my eggshell," she says, "she was very nourished, ate a huge dose, and of course had plenty of skin." Soon, red cheats appeared on it. After the bloodshed, it was found to be egg allergy. When her birthday came, I didn't find a single cake recipe that didn't need at least a tiny egg. I knew that the pancake was held together by the cooker starch, but unfortunately this trick had failed the pancakes. I had the great pleasure of discovering the egg powder in a organic store, to which only a little water had to be added, and in March I could stir the dishes and cook the cookies.
Maternity Tip: We can make many ideas from vegetarian cookbooks, as these recipes do not contain milk or eggs. If the little one has to diet, all of our Phisian knowledge will surely need to be enriched. Upside down, even on the most complex diets, you can have a variety of dishes on the table.
He doesn't grow it
The white gluten, found in wheat, rye, oatmeal and barley, causes more or less severe absorptions in susceptible patients, leading to the loss of pleural effusion. It is not a perennial allergy to wheat allergy, which is usually found in children. It is currently recommended that infants can receive gluten-containing cereals at six months of age, but if the child is lazy, the symptoms appear sooner, even if they have not received gluten until the age of one. More and more asymptomatic cases are being diagnosed by doctors. In many cases, only growth is delayed or slowed down.
"See how good the fluffy hands are in your hands!" "My dad said, and my half-year-old son must have pushed soft rumor into his mouth," says Jutka. - Bread has become our daily favorite - and so has stomachache. His growth had stopped as well - I still believed that just because he had stopped breastfeeding, he was not gaining as much as before. It turned out to be celiac. I had to figure out new recipes. I steamed the steaks with potatoes and made bread at home - very good quality flour mixes. Before we go into possessions, I always clear with the hosts: my little son cannot eat crap, bites and other things. We also need to coordinate the hot food recipe in advance. It is difficult for a small child to explain that he or she can get nothing that the big ones eat. Many times I cooked the same meal at home, just gluten-free. So at least you get the same thing.
Maternity Tip: Unlike food allergies (among wheat allergies), a child does not grow celiac disease. You must follow your diet throughout your life. If you consume gluten-containing foods, there is a greater risk of developing malignant tumors. It's good to get used to just getting home or eating something that you bring home from home.
Red dots everywhere. Are you allergic to the little one?
It depends on where the exit is. If you have red spots around your mouth, you should be aware that you are allergic to tomatoes, citrus fruits or fish. The first symptom of more severe food allergies is more diarrhea, constipation, bloating. The rest of the body may show itchy deception, typically on the neck, abdomen, and inside the arms.
What's in it?
In principle, every food has a list of ingredients. However, if we buy something out of the box, we cannot be sure what exactly we will bring home. It's hard to buy if you have to burble every letter in your product. What does it contain? Founded in 2000, the Nutrition Allergy and Dietary Intolerance Database, a series of publications of which are the foods most commonly used by those suffering from the nine most common nutritional allergies. For more information and to order publications: Allergia Data Bank Foundation - Budapest, Szentkirбlyi ъt 14. Tel .: 486-48-26,


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