Papnrguriga Press: You wouldn't even think about what it could be

Papnrguriga Press: You wouldn't even think about what it could be

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Filly, fast, easy, and even the little ones can handle it.

I think when Seth Wheeler patented the gourd rolled up toilet paper in 1883, he didn't even realize he had created one of the popular recyclable materials of the 21st century. There is a lot we can do about paperclips and we can deal with it in every household.
The following ideas are great, because a quick creative tip is always good: you can create countless typing results from a two-minute job on the guru. Fold it in, fold it up a little, or tape it with tape.
We can design a figure, a plant, a heart, a man, an animal, or we can create figures ourselves, only our imagination sets the limit.
Hint: square + square = house, batten + circle = tree
Tip: Let's try to make shapes similar to the home cooked-out shapes in the gourd.
This way the printing press is just tempered and can be printed with it.
The easiest thing to do is to put the temperature in a flat bowl - like a box of margarine cheese cream - for this purpose - and just cool it a bit. If the paint becomes too faithful, the guru will soon be over and cannot be printed with it.
The simple round shape also carries a lot of ideas. We can also make bunnies, chicks, birds.
The printing can be done with eyes, feet, using a brush or smaller marker pens.
For the word shape, press the roll slightly and then fix it with cellux.
With this technique we can make spring images, postcards, decorate wrapping paper with it, older children can decorate textiles with them, and use textile dyes.
Smiley, creative creativity!
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