Breast Filling: Hard, bony breasts and flesh

Breast Filling: Hard, bony breasts and flesh

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Breast filling may be a common problem during breastfeeding. What is the reason and what to do about it?

Breastfeeding is mostly trouble-free, but there may be problems that can make mom's day, especially in the beginning. Fortunately, the problem of a crowded breast is usually resolved during breastfeeding. If that doesn't happen, we have a high degree of certainty over mammary gland occlusion.

What are the Symptoms of Breast Filling?

The breast is swollen, hard to the touch and painful. In this case, the nipple becomes sticky (its diameter also increases), which makes it difficult for the baby to stick to the breast; or it may be that milk is hard or not milky due to edema. The discharge of a full-breasted breast is painful, and the mother may have a rise in heat and fat. The pain and swelling of the axillary artery is due to enlargement of the local lymph nodes (if it occurs).

Let's face it, what can all be up to this unpleasant problem!

The first couple of days after the baby is born, the breast produces colostrum (colostrum), so that there is still no filling. Milk entrainment, which is the result of hormonal alteration due to placental ablation, is inevitably followed by birth control 2-4. At this time, the breast size increases, it can be swollen and painful, and milk dripping.What Causes Breast Filling And Pain? One of the causes of overcrowding in the following is that the breasts are not regular enough. This may be because the baby sleeps longer or does not wake up at night. It can lead to overcharging if the mother and baby cannot be together for some reason; And this problem can occur at the time of weaning. The other reason is if the mother produces a very generous amount of milk. Occasionally, even with frequent breastfeeding, recharging can occur frequently. However, it can also lead to recharging, but in the short term, when a baby is breastfeeding (or giving a baby a baby), a baby will be breastfed. However, it is important to emphasize that if this happens regularly, the amount of milk will typically decrease.

How to stop the filling?

Frequent breastfeeding is the key to prevention of overload. This is 8 in 24 hours, but for newborns, tiny babies mean 12 to 15 breastfeeding. Always start breastfeeding with fuller breasts and then try to breastfeed your other breast. If you have two successful breastfeeding positions and they are effective in solving the problem, then it is worth staying with these, you do not have to change positions.If your baby cannot breastfeed because of his good warm compress or hot shower.For breast filling breastfeeding is the most important task, but if your baby can't effectively cushion a stuffed breast, you can cushion the filling. It is also important that you do not develop lacrimation and breast inflammation, and that the baby is less likely to breastfeed. If you can, relax together, be in contact with him many times, carry him if you can! This promotes the production of oxytocin, which is indispensable to the milky reflex, and you can react immediately to your baby's signs (for example, if you want to breastfeed). You also need to include a cold compress between breastfeeding (up to 20 minutes) to reduce your mood, water and pain.Always switch to relaxing, and avoid tight rigid brasIf you notice symptoms of chest inflammation - chills, fever or flu-like symptoms - and they are not ameliorated in 12-24 urns, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.This article was reviewed by:Dr. Kungler-Gorбcz Orsolya, Hospital Clinical Specialist, Lactation Specialist (IBCLC) // may also be interested in:
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