Do you mind what to do?

Do you mind what to do?

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Almost every parent has a hard time making friends with the idea that their child is sexual. Even if it is almost infantile.

The broth is steaming on the table, the family just welcomed the grandmother. All relatives follow the blessed blessing. But the cake-like idyll is disturbed by strange noises. Everyone turns to the feeder in which the barely-aged baby bumps into the crossbar with such vigor that the little pink buckle then falls out of the hair. Mom's mother blushes, daddy frowns, relatives wobble, grandma's face. There is only one person enjoying the party. The little girl…


Although we live in an enlightened society, the first reaction of most parents is to have a few years old with masturbation, shocked. Because glamorous eyes, innocent children, and sexual "filthiness" somehow don't fit on a page. We start with a wild combination ("If you are doing this now, what will it be like in fifteen years?") And we are wondering which of our white relatives has experienced this "bad habit".
- The kids are the same Instinctslike us - explains Frank Zsuzsa clinical pediatric psychologist. - Nature has put us together in a way that makes us feel good if we stimulate our genitals. We reproduce (also).

Are you starting Koran?

All children discover themselves once and there is nothing wrong with it. There are some who play with themselves from infancy, but only in kindergarten and early school years. In the former case, the little ones are usually "accidentally" found at the sensitive point, their movements are controlled by curiosity. In the classic sense of the term, we can't really talk about masturbation. Rather, you just move "erotic", rock yourself. Generally, it is more common for little kids to get excited at this stage of their lives. We do not intend to have an orgasm, although they are known in the literature to be orgasmic.However, for three years, they are not consciously seeking this type of body. Even a child who has never caressed himself in the past, at this age, secretly or before others, sometimes catches himself. There is nothing wrong with early childhood angst. Adolescent or adult tongue-in-cheek distinction is such that the little ones do not attract erotic fantasies. They don't hurt us and we don't have to worry about our child being sexually grown up. This is a purely natural developmental process.

How much is a lot?

There's a kid who retreats, only to do it when no one sees it, and even in the company, everyone masturbates before everyone else. Some children just sleep before, occasionally, and little ones almost stop. We are also different in this.

Some people go awry when they do

How we react is very important. If the little bit and little is carried away and not brought to the heat, that is, there is another source of water, it is best not to simply lose sight of it and let it go. However, if you spend too much time with this activity, you are not even interested in it, and are intrigued by the company as well, we need to get in the middle.

Only discreetly!

Kindly, you are kindly asked to do something only if you can't see it. Let's try to distract your attention with some games. If we scold him, we will, in fact, defame him before others, slap him on the hand, or give him a big damn good deal. You must not feel that what you are doing is something disgusting, sinful. Prolonged emotional distress can occur if a gender and guilt concept intertwines in the cape. Not to mention that if something was so fiercely forbidden, it would still attract the attention of the kid. if the little one is playing with himself all the time. If you are not interested in anything else, we do not hesitate to persuade you to do anything else. In this case, you need to look for a code of conduct. The small one probably requires another effort than it has received so far. Professional help can quickly get the family out of their plight.

We don't have that much

I was born at most twice because of this, and I said don't do it before anyone else, because this is their private. This was conceived, understood, and agreed with. In our culture, it is not customary to do this before others, which is a reason for a lot of other things. Of course, mine were ovis. Another request is for another year to do this. You should definitely be distracted, also because of your potentially pedophile visibility. The fact is that a child deserves attention every day and is not busy exploring the world. This is unnatural, not in masturbation itself.
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