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Stem Cell Research - New Opportunities

Stem Cell Research - New Opportunities

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Almost every Hungarian woman has heard of the possibility of storing stem cells, but there is not enough information available on the use of stem cells, according to the latest research of one of Europe's leading stem cell banks.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Cord Blood Center is actively seeking clients who can benefit from a possible transplantation of its stem cells, including financially, through its financial support program.
Despite the fact that stem cells as a topic are well known in Hungary among the surveyed 18-64 year-old women, research has shown that there is not enough information available on the use and potential of stem cells. 82 percent of the research participants were unaware that the хssejt depends on the amount of a possible future transplantation success. Half of the respondents thought it was хssejtbeьltetйs It is already widespread and is not surprised that it is currently used to treat over 80 different diseases. 48 percent of respondents agreed that stem cell therapy would be a widespread therapy worldwide for the next 10 years.
The Cord Blood Center believes that it is important for a socially responsible company to actively seek out patient clients for whom transplants are expected to be transplanted through the Helpful Care program, along with professional and high quality stem cell harvesting. In addition to professional support, the Transplantation Assistance Program provides financial assistance of up to 50 million forints to clients in need.
The Cord Blood Center has helped up to two sick children in the area through its Helping Hand program, launched last year. The first beneficiaries of the program are Alex, a Romanian boy and Nelly, a Slovakian girl. Both of them suffer from childhood cerebral palsy, but stem cell therapy has opened up a new opportunity for families.
Alex and Nelly can happen to any of us. The Romanian baby was born healthy, but at 11 months of age, the food stuck in his throat and stopped his breathing, and his lack of oxygen caused brain damage. In March 2013, a clinical trial included an intravenous blood cell from the Cord Blood Center's Assisted Hand program at Duke University Hospital in the US. Although 2 years have passed since the accident, there is always a good chance that the affected parts of the body of the boy will receive the stem cells - but the year after the treatment will be the final answer.
Through the Helping Hand program, the company has also begun examining the results of needy Hungarian children who may be eligible for hematopoietic therapy. "Remйljьk that soon a Hungarian child sikertцrtйnetйrхl also beszбmolhatunk by vйgezhetьnk the best American kуrhбz egyikйben, Duke University kуrhбzban vбrhatуan. In this intйzmйnyben clinical kutatбsok related lйvх хssejtekkel the kцldцkzsinуrvйrben vilбgszinten kimagaslуak. Цrьlьnk that the Cord Blood Center of elsх хssejtbank Central and Eastern Europe, which offers unique opportunities for clients in need of the most regenerative treatments, "said Dr. Mickey Pance, area manager for Cord Blood Center.
"currently, more than 80 diseases apply stem cell therapy. The хssejt kutatбs much нgйrх eredmйnyei alapjбn the jцvхben many mбs a betegsйg kezelйsйre will be suitable as pйldбul autism, tнpusъ 1 cukorbetegsйg, fellйpх the szьletйs kцzben oxigйnhiбny childhood agyvйrzйs or sъlyos immunhiбnyos betegsйg "- said Dr. Miroslav Kube. №, head of research and development at the Cord Blood Center.


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