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Without Rice it won't go!

Without Rice it won't go!

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Almost all mothers read up on what vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are more needed in the diet.

Without Rice it won't go!

Folic acid, magnesium, or just about B vitamins are known to almost everyone, but the importance of copper is emphasized in a small number of cases. dr. Erika Balaicza belgygyzssz was asked by

Why is copper important?

Copper is for all living organisms essential material. It is interesting, however, that we do not see it in the human body itself. The reason for this is that copper circulating in the blood is highly toxic, and it can only be useful if it is bound to a certain protein called gall plasma plasmion, which is produced by the bile. Copper is indispensable in oxidative stress malignant neoplasms and sclerosis. But copper is also a constituent of many important enzymes, so your body is involved energiatermelх, and warehousing processesas well as in the humiliation. The most important task, however, is to help iron uptake into hemoglobin. This latter material gives the color of red blood cells, but not so important. In addition to color, hemoglobin is also responsible for binding oxygen, which has an absolute need for iron.If there is not enough copper in the body, the incorporation of iron into the substance is not sufficient, so it does not eliminate oxygenation. This can overwhelm the heart for extra work, make it more fatigued, deconcentrated, and account for often accompanied by depression too.

Rice and the kids

Pregnant women need to have an increased amount of food as they also cover the baby's needs. Studies have shown that women who have lower levels of zinc and copper in their blood are unfortunately more likely to have spontaneous abortion. Of course, this risk can be exacerbated by many factors, such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Copper is also essential for healthy development, and so is for the fetus. Copper also plays a role in the development of the nervous system, so consuming the right amount of blood is especially important in blood disorders. In newborns, rash can lead to the development of serious nervous system disorders. At this age, copper passes into breast milk through breast milk.Dr. Erika Balaicza told that the adults were doing the rice yes it is difficult to recognize, because it has no characteristic symptoms. We can think of this problem in the case of whiteness of the skin, since copper is essential for the synthesis of melanin and dopamine. But it can also be linked to high levels of triglycerides in the blood, depression, bone marrow disease, or neurological disorders.

The rust of rice

We do not even think about the importance of proper copper consumption. Because deficiency is often very difficult to recognize, it is not a problem for a baby to discover, only when the symptoms are deficient. This is not a problem for adults as it is rice easy to eat with appropriate oral formulations. However, unfortunately, the neurodegenerative disorders have poor fetal disorder, which may affect the little ones. And light substances are supplied in the period when they are in extra need in the body. Because pregnancy is a serious challenge for women's bodies, it is worth supporting and helping as much as possible. However, with vitamin A, it is not just a matter of keeping the copper among the ingredients. It is important that the substances they contain are chemically bound to allow optimum utilization, and that it is worthwhile to choose a formulation that provides the right amount of nutrition, during pregnancy and during the last trimester of pregnancy.
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