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Neither would the sick fetus be allowed to be sown according to the New Law

Neither would the sick fetus be allowed to be sown according to the New Law

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Stricter abortion in Poland: even in the case of a sick fetus, it would not be possible to abort a pregnancy in the sense of a new law change.

We can tighten up abortionIn Poland, according to the law on fetus, the pregnancy can be aborted if the fetus has suffered irreversible or life-threatening disease, or if it is incurable. A Citizen's Initiative now bans this latest exposure with a draft amendment submitted to my heart. So far, the proposal has been supported by 830,000.
The suggestion has been brought to our attention that about one year a year. Thousands of abortions are performed, most of them in Down syndrome fetuses. Kaja Godek, a spokeswoman for the bill's bourgeois committee, said the mother of a child with Down syndrome said the large number of signatures show "the Poles are sensitive to the weak and the fate of the patients."
Just last autumn, the Polish parliament rejected another bourgeois initiative on abortion: they wanted a total ban on abortion with a bill. The draft was well worth the bill, but it has sparked national protests. At that time, there were representatives of all parliamentary factions who opposed the proposal, which would have penalized abortion doctors and mothers.
This initiation does not include punishments. Several leading politicians also support the amendment of the law.
At the same time, another draft abortion was submitted: according to this, pregnancy can be freely chosen by the 12th week of pregnancy, and it is now possible to resume the free circulation of the post-event tablet (currently in Polish). Currently, pregnancy less than 12 weeks of age can only be terminated if the pregnancy is the result of rape. You can terminate your pregnancy at any time if the fetus is ill or if the mother's life is at risk.Related articles about abortion:Abortion: When Can It Be Done And How Dangerous?TerhessйgmegszakнtбsAbortion: most often referred to as a serious emergency