The baby of November lives on

The baby of November lives on

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It's a good thing to be born in November: it's not too cold and your birthday isn't too close to Christmas. But what effect does the birth month have on the baby's life? Let's see why November dolls are special!

They are bigger than summer babies

Babies born in the autumn months, like November, are generally larger than those born in the summer, not only at the time of birth but also during the pre-school years. A reason for this, according to a Harvard researcher, is that more vitamin D is ingested by the pregnant mother.

Some sports

According to research, November's best-performing athletes can avoid the best-performing athletes in November: they are about 10-15 percent more likely to pass the bare-bones test than their peers born the other month. The benefits of November birth

They'll fall asleep sooner

Good news for sedentary parents struggling with sleep deprivation: November children are as early as bedtime compared to spring-summer children, meaning they are less likely to fall into the type of New Year's Eve.

They are more common among ADHD - with all its benefits

Diagnosis of attention deficit and hyperactivity is more common among November children - more research has found evidence. Not only do ADHD have its drawbacks, children with ADHD are creative and social-minded.

Multiple left handed (if boys)

From 13,000 adult examinations, it was found that women had 7.5 percent and males 8.8 percent left-handed. Among men, most left-handed birthdays fell on the months of November and December.

They suffer less from certain diseases

November's birth day reduces the risk of developing certain diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), according to a British study which found that this may be due to higher levels of vitamin D during pregnancy.

They can live on

A major US study found that those born in September, October, or November have the greatest chance of saving their 100th birthday (compared to March, May, and July).Also worth reading:
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