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Baby on breast: initial difficulties with breastfeeding

Baby on breast: initial difficulties with breastfeeding

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Fortunately, there is more and more information on breastfeeding available to pregnant women, but the first few days can always be a lot of trouble. How do we alleviate possible pain by what we should sell?

Baby on the breast

The milk flows in

This usually occurs on the third day after the start of breast-feeding and usually lasts for up to 48 hours. The second incarnation is on the tenth and the fifteenth day. This will be shorter and less painful.Breastfeeding relieves the pain
Mostly the breasts cause headaches. In these cases, they swell enormously, become hot, and extremely sensitive to touch, and body temperature can rarely exceed 38.5 degrees Celsius. The best things to do are: Massage carefully the breasts, especially the painful parts. Let's shower them, it seems weird with warm water and to breastfeed more often the baby.

On demand, not on time

The most important: forget the urb, get your baby to eat when you ask. Newborns usually set a certain rhythm very quickly, and all conditions are insistent on it.Initially, he is unarmed
If the milk doesn't turn out the way you want it, the baby starts signaling it. She will be restless, moaning or shouting loudly that everything is not right. Easily, the newborn may not be milk enough or the breast will not come out as fast as he / she would like. No punishment, it's okay if these first breastfeeds last up to ten minutes or even an hour. As soon as the bimboo is getting used to the big exercise, it will be easier for your mom to endure marathon breastfeeding!Kicks the other
Newborns, especially those born with low weight or earlier, simply become tired at the very beginning of breastfeeding, and fall short of falling asleep on the breast. As a result, the baby is asking for the baby at one ounce. This is perfectly fine. Change your posture, change it with the other breast, change your diaper - it will stay awake. Initially daily 10-12 breastfeeding can also be said to be standard.Bimbуvйdф
Inflammation of the breast is not only very unpleasant but also dangerous for the mother. Prevent your baby from taking the whole nipple in your mouth. Do not use bimboud "just this" (that is, if not justified)Because it only makes breastfeeding difficult, it can cause confusion for the baby. The best cure for breast inflammation is frequent breastfeeding. If the breast is inflamed, shower with warm water during breastfeeding, lightly massage the lumps and try to rest a lot.She lives in the refrigerator
Many moms are in doubt if they have to leave home because what the little one will eat. No need to worry: when milk selection is started, you can usually milk a portion of milk without problems. The milk is poured into sterile glass, up to 24 ounces in the refrigerator. Not a pacifier give the skim milk because it can lead to cum disorder. Try to give the baby breast milk with a small baby.More is produced
If you are breastfeeding, you should never supplement your diet. Because breastfeeding works on the principle of supply and demand. The more you breastfeed, the more milk you produce.Your tips:
  • Try to have a pleasant lifestyle: drink at least a liter of liquid a day, do not drink, prefer whole foods, include dairy products, fruits, greens.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages as well as stimulants (coffee, tea). Don't chase yourself whenever you can, relax!
  • On-demand breastfeeding means that you do not breast-feed your baby on a timely basis, but when you are pregnant. Particularly in the early days, daily breastfeeding is almost complete, and it is not uncommon to breastfeed up to 12-15 times a day.
  • Remember that breastfeeding is not just about eating but has a thirsty, pain-relieving role, not to mention the emotional aspect.
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