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I cried about incubators: Which baby should I go first?

I cried about incubators: Which baby should I go first?

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Andrea Szabou's twins were conceived by insemination and were born by the 30th week. Zoe weighed in at 990 grams, with Csenge at 1490. He couldn't take them home from the courthouse at the same time. But let's start our story at the very beginning.

The remarkable and empowering story of the mother of early-born twin dolls, Andre Sabab, dates back to 2014, to the Kaabel Institute, where Andi appeared after a couple of years of cuddling. Hбrom failed inszeminбciу and a szintйn failed oocyte leszнvбs utбn 2015 mбjusбban sikerьlt vйgьl the beьltetйs. "Vacilбltunk to vбlasszunk kйt or hбrom egg, kettхnйl stayed in. Sure caught him in tъlstimulбlбs цsszes tьnetйt, I began to terhessйgem elsх weeks of kуrhбzban and veszйlyeztetett terheskйnt me, whoever I was working out loves sports, doesn't like to stay in a place, was banned first from work, then from sports, so everything in general "-remember Andi." my doctor decided to invest in a whitewash hospital. He was allowed home on Christmas Eve, but checked again on 25th. , I also got the donors. I tried to boost the flow but was unsuccessful. At 28, he was suspected to have been examined by several doctors.

The first shock is better news afterwards

Andi, like all her mothers, was very scared. Did your couple just ask "what will happen now"? Babylon also gave birth to babies with cesarean section. "My babe told my couple how to see the incubators in the birth door, to stick to them immediately, and to go with the little ones. on the operating table, and I was just waiting. When I heard that everyone was a little over the top, it was a wonderful sensation, and time was running out of interest. Zoo weighed in at 990 grams and 1490 at the light. "

Csenge and Zoé

"I have a lot to say to my baby, she helped me shower after the operation, the breast milk was right beside me, she brought me a sandwich and most importantly, she was mentally supportive. to make cool puns and prepare them for the worst. I don't even remember the first sentences. Milk was key. I milked it like a lump in the syringe. It barely came to my finger and when I wanted to squeeze the air out, the few milliliters of milk I spilled ... " So many people wanted to come, they called us relatives and friends, so I decided not to send a message to everyone and then, if that's the case, I'll sign in. Dad came in every day, looking for a list of what to do. He went to drugstores, drugstores, grocery stores, baby shops. At first I was breastfeeding while pregnant, I thought it might be good. But my milk also started, and it was getting better day by day. "

They couldn't go home from the court at once

Andi was released after a few days in hospital. The little ones stayed. He became acquainted with the mate, the mother of pre-born babies. This was a great help for her, as she met fresh-born, easy-to-nurse, happy-to-be babies in the hospital room. At last he felt someone was trying to kill him. She was breastfeeding for the baby in the premature class. A friend of a resident closer to the hospital offered to jump up on them with two meals.

They grew like mushrooms

"Everything went really cool, our little ones grew like mushrooms. We were worried about the eyes, but the examiners always came up with good results. But the weight of the two baby weights was increasing. It was a concern that the chief was concerned. a bigger baby could go home, stay tuned, wait for the baby, and bring them together. It was so tiny and fragile! Dad could take them out too. I sang to them. I was afraid not to be killed by a doctor because not saying anything meant everything was fine. One day a doctor came over and said, we have to take the bigger baby home. "Too many are born. There is no place."
Perhaps this was one of the most difficult times for me spiritually. Early in January, Csenge left home at the end of January, little Zoe stayed in until February 19th. My mom helped me get sick and come to see us. It was really bad, I couldn't really be a little bit. I ran between the two babies. Because of this, breastfeeding was also unsuccessful and the breastfed milk was drunk nicely. Minike, the baby left in the room got blood. Doctors have discovered a haemangioma (price tag) that requires medication, but it took a couple of days plus for the dose to be adjusted. Ъjra again I woke up. Then, once, everyone was home.
At first glance, but it looked scary again. Two little babies. They are fragile and serviceable. I was horrified by everything, I was terribly tired. I was running again and running. My milk has been steadily decreasing. The older baby was well fed, but Minike was abdominal and did not breastfeed. They always started to cry when I started milking, so after a while the milking didn't come. One of the doctors recommended a lactose-free diet, and it came in, I think from now on I let go of the milking, my milk ran out, and unfortunately, peace and calm came into our lives. And they are with me, the true mother watchers. "

8 hours later

The babies in Balatonvilagos are now 8 months old. When I talked to my mom on the phone, they were in big games, squealing and laughing. They're developing nicely. There are several examinations and occupations: ophthalmology, developmental neurology, premature care, cardiology, conductor, masseur. As I learned from my mother, there are plenty of programs. Andi has already managed to get himself together. The twins had blamed themselves for up to 5 months. Even if a little fever came, you could still feel that the mistake was premature birth.

Andi with the baby

"Of course, it means a lot to our current tranquility that they haven't noticed any changes for the time being, and by no means do they seem to have survived. they spin, they laugh. We love them. It's hard to remember the 'bad', but we'll never forget it. "Related articles about early retirement:
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