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Outdoor theater, cinema in the cinema, Krishna Valley in Vienna, time travel, relaxing massage.

Peter and the wolf, now a little crazy

The cat's case with the clarinet

Again, I was sitting in my grandmother's crocheted patio armchair (sometimes the pegs that held the patio were dry) and listened to Peter and the wolf happily, Grandpa explained: the cat is the clarin, the duck is the duck, the violins. I haven't even seen it out of the ground, but I've already recognized the instrumentation in other pieces of music, and it often appears today in the image of cats, ducks, and wolves. Now you too have been a part of the miracle at the Voroshmaor Open Air Stage on Sunday 17th from 10.30am. Sergei Prokofiev's immortal musical story plays out on a sparkling spring day. Peter and his friends - the little bird, the cat, and the gelding, a light duck - get caught up in incredible adventures overwhelming the enormous and evil wolf's mind. The characters are represented by a musical instrument and a characteristic tune. In the performance frameworks, the children learn which instrument represents which character is no longer couched in the armchair but in the shade of the Vosrosmajor tree.

Krishna Valley Bъcs

This year will also be held July 22-24. between Krishna Valley Bacchia, the largest family festival in the South Dunan. Spend a lovely weekend in the Somogy hills, in the breezy fresh air, just off Lake Balaton!
Every day of Three Days in Vienna is a smooth, full-bodied, fresh, entertaining program that not only adults but the whole family delivers - from the faculty to the rest of the age. Don't leave Grandma or your family's eye light at home anyway, as a true family getaway can come out of the July sunrise.

Kippkopp in the cinema

The Forget-me-not Babylon House moves into the Pushkin Cinema. During the series of lectures starting in July, you can meet with Kippkopp, Bris, the little boy, and the Cricket and the ant. The lectures wait for visitors every two weeks, starting at 10 o'clock every Sunday. The closest, from July 24th to 10th, the Kippkopp will be featured in the fies, and from August 7th, you will see the adventures of Bris, the small firefighter.

Here you are to eat, here to be

The 15th and 15th of July will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Nograd International Folklore and Gastronomy Festival in Salguttar and in the surrounding settlements. My friends visited the place near Bank Bánkou last year, they swear to it, but the rest of the settlement will definitely put themselves out. Presentation of Neptune, Folk music, different nationalities, and local craftsmanship in the sublime environment.

Traveling in Emese Park

Travel back a few centuries to discover the fascinating glory of St. Stephen's craftsmen, yurt men, surprised women, and new-born youth! Join the Spaniards who carry on their everyday activities with Korean tools and attire! You can be a warrior, a newcomer, but you can also try money, forging, wool, pottery or woodworking. The time travel waits for an informal chat from 11, 14 or 17 October, when you will find a lot of interesting information about Emese Park and the X-XI. szбzadrуl! The discovery begins at the entrance of the Knight's Hall.
Adventure Day is Saturday, July 16th. Between 10 and 20 o'clock, they return to the Middle Ages. Beginning of guided tours: 11, 14, 17 hours.

Is your tummy hard? Here's a little relief!

Changing Thai massage for pregnant women returns to life. Regular massage therapy stimulates the functioning of the lymphatic system and prevents the deposition of harmful substances in the body. It helps relaxation and glandular functions. Naturally pleasant music also helps to relax. The relaxation between the hands of the masseur relieves fatigue, morning sickness and other unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy. Get it and you'll be back!


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