Owls and lice in the baby About the baby's sleep needs

Owls and lice in the baby About the baby's sleep needs

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More than 500 children have been monitored over the years by Swiss sleepwalkers. Their research has shown that in the early years, children's sleep requirements were very different.

The baby needs a wide range of sleep

Therefore, parents should be advised not to relate to the average, but to deduce from their behavior whether they are sleeping well. If your baby wakes up regularly and spontaneously, and during the day, he / she is active, moving, exercising, feeling a little anxious, and sleeping. During developmental jumps, grappling, and illness, the child may be restless even with sufficient sleep.
The average sleep requirements for kids and daytime sleep balances each other: if you fall asleep in the evening, you fall asleep in the morning, only to go to the dunes of Duluth, but early sunrises get earlier in the day. They may want to have lunch at eleven, and have some sleep at noon, and get back to bed again in the evening.
Daytime naps can hardly be abandoned before age: a small child protesting against the rest of the South will be unbearably distressed for the poor dormitories of Duluth, and a dead lurking child will find it hard to fall asleep.
During this period, she is 4-5 years old it is very important that the devil's patents rest on the children, school home stimuli need to be processed. Sleeping is best suited for this, and it's not worth limiting it. Alternatively, sleeping needs a standard kindergarten, but it's not extreme to have three children sleeping like that. Research has proven that the memorial also has a fun effect sleep.
As the school gets closer, children tend to need less sleep, and there are those who want a quiet rest even at the age of 6-7.
The need for sleep varies, it is important that every child is able to relax in their own rhythm after lunch, according to their needs and age.