Maternity OFF - I went to Sabah and they came

Maternity OFF - I went to Sabah and they came

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I never would have thought that this moment would come, but I did. Just as the two children were now in the line of the seventh day, I felt the sense of being overwhelmed.

I've been working on it for 3 years, I'm at work 24 hours every day. True, I chose it and didn't swap it for anything, but now I felt my head turn into a jug and my hot steam starts to deepen in my eyes? Dad also saw that this was not going to end and tried his best to remedy the situation quickly. Berry and Babu connected the two fat, sick and mischievous nodes. And I rushed to the bathroom to cry.I went to sabbatical from motherhood And as a divine sign that it's time to turn it off, quit a little bit, an evening report appeared on my phone during the evening serialization. A program, a mom-to-mom mom, a relaxing night at a wellness hotel in the countryside. Mother noodle, delicious snacks, thermal teas. In the past, I've always encouraged you how good it would be to be a little alone, but now I almost immediately told my best friend my mother whether she was free on the given date and liked to stay with me. The answer came quickly that I registered myself for the event, and with that momentum. I've heard from several other contributors that not everyone was smooth on the release. More and more disapproving comments, collections of people were pocketed for "going out on maternity" .The departure day was finally over. My friends jumped into the car excitedly and headed for the small town along the Tisza. Over the course of the day, we churned out the kids' jokes, their husbands, pondering the future, discussing housing difficulties, as one of us is just buying an apartment and relocating, and yet ours is selling right now. But most of all, we were wondering what the next 24 hours were going to be for us. When we finally arrived at the hotel, I started to get excited. When do we meet the other moms? Isn't this going to be the whole thing like those juggling talks? We welcomed our room, arrived, welcomed ourselves, and began curiously unpacking the package of suggestions carefully organized by the program organizers. And I couldn't think of only the kids at the time. But how cute will Simi be!
Yeah, how much will she play!
Are they good?
Did they eat properly?
Do grandparents have skin with us?
Didn't my boy get tired? ”I called them quickly, and as it turned out, everyone was super good. With a strong fire, I don't miss them, they didn't even realize I was gone. They are both angels, swallowing grandma's cook like duck noodles, everyone is healthy and, of course, happy. Yeah. I calmed down. We refreshed ourselves after the trip and took the direction of the hotel where participants of the mother-in-law program had come together. There were maybe 12 of us, I don't remember exactly, but we were sitting on a nice long table and everyone smiled, inquisitively. During the acquaintance program, it quickly became clear who we were going to for a wavelength almost immediately, and who were more likely to stay with their own small companies, since they were on the team. I basically rejected myself from "motherhood" because of previous negative experiences (mother-to-mother, competition, mom shaming, etc.) but now I am absolutely positive about the company. I might have been lucky, maybe everyone was a little looser under the "sabi", who knows? We were really relaxed, enjoying the pool, the delicious snacks. In the evening we had a good dinner together, and after a cocktail of our recommendation, we realized that we had become a bit addicted to alcohol in the past years, and took over the room. Once we called the family, checking that the bath / anesthesia ceremony was done properly, then sighed heavily on our brains. We also talked about getting to bed soon and by nine in the morning we wouldn't even put our nose out under the blanket. But then a message flashed on my cellphone screen saying that our newlyweds were welcome to chat with us in the next room. There was no simple decision; do we sacrifice our delightful sleep for the sake of socialization? Finally, we decided to afford an eatery. We are a umpire, huh? We were up at half past two when we finally felt like we needed some sleep. In the tiny room, the time flies with the company. Each story gave birth to a new one, we simply couldn't stop. We talked about our parents, our parenting hardships, our fears, our failures, our hopes, and we really talked about everything about the children. My mother, even if she is a sabin, could not deny ourselves. Of course, I was awake at 6 o'clock in the morning, because I wake up every day and I was not interested in the biological urm that I just went out that day. Anyway, I tried to fall back asleep, because I couldn't stop the motility of my mind. I was up at night last night, and up at half the time I was planning my homework. It was such a strange duality for the rest of the day, we packed it up after lunch, said goodbye to the rest, and said goodbye to the other sunny mothers. And just two hours later we were dropped back into the currency; smarter than ever, but we have come home to our just, healthy and happy seedlings.And if it were again? I would say yes immediately, and my son would repeat it every time. Because even though I was very tired, but filled with new conditions, I returned with a smile and a smile from the mother's tail.Related articles in Maternity:
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