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You would never give a glass of black tea to your kids for breakfast, would you? Coffee is an "adult thing" because of its high caffeine content. You may not even remember to get a little more caffeine during the day.

Coffee is not for kids

Consider how much your child may consume daily caffeine. Let's say you drink a glass of cocoa for breakfast, along with a nutmeg (cocoa) bread. There is a Tъrу Rudijbir (chocolate coating) in a row on Tzurraira. In the shop, you ask for a kitty noodle because it's your favorite. Grandparents arrive in Duluth with a bag of buckled sugar. And this is not the end of the day, as you come to a glass of green tea with thirty milligrams of caffeine. Morning and dune are added to Mom's fat. If you take this day into account, it may be easy to stay above the age of four or six forty milligrams of caffeine a day. Of course, even in the evening, the chopper jumps up, and you can only get in the way of big quarrels. And they can't do that at all.

What is Caffeine?

so drug, which is naturally found in the seeds and leaves of numerous plants. It can also be artificially prepared and added to certain foods. It is called a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system, increases its power, and improves mood. Stimulant to which we are easily addicted, and can cause severe withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it. Adverse effects may include loss of diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle aches.

As far as it goes

Do you know that three deci coulombs contain thirty-eight, one deci decaf thirty, a glass of black tea contains fifty milligrams of caffeine? It's in chocolate, cocoa, some yoghurts, yoghurts, medicines, and many other similar products we don't even think about. Unfortunately, companies do not need to include in their packaging the amount of caffeine present in the product unless they are added and the amount is not mandatory in this case. Many kids get caffeine from products that we wouldn't think they contain. (See the table) .Where, where's the border? What is the amount of caffeine you have weighed? Although not much research has been done in this area, some experts say that forty-six per day between the ages of six and six, 62.5 per day for ages seven to nine, and 85 per day for tens of twelve years. However, it probably is it is best if the child does not consume caffeine at all. Instead, it would require a lot of sleep and balanced nutrition.

It's easy to get used to

Regular consumption of 100 milligrams of caffeine a day is a habit, although no more than two boxes. If the child completely abandons "schooling", one week in all must be allowed to stop influencing their behavior and school performance. The withdrawal symptoms not very pleasant: headache, lightheadedness, nervousness, loss of blood pressure, bad mood, distraction.Anyone who consumes caffeine regularly will only need to feel good enough. Children are much easier to talk to than adults. Perhaps it is worth thinking about what exactly is playing out in your child when it comes to cheating on the daily chocolate dose.

Why not?

What happens when caffeine is released into the body of a small child? His blood pressure rises, his heart "leaps out", his head and belly stop and he becomes restless. Caffeine is eliminated from the body in only about six hours, and it is more difficult for children to break down than adults. We will be alive with our morning coffee, and we will be more fulfilled. But as a kid, we don't just welcome uneasiness, increased livelihood, and that's exactly what little caffeine does! In addition, there are other side effects to consider.


It causes our body to select water. The worst thing to do is to drink cold or iced tea after exercising or on a hot summer day - when you are sweating a lot of water. In some cases, this can lead to dehydration if you do not consume enough water.May cause sleep disorder
About 26 percent of children between the ages of three and ten consume at least one caffeine-containing drink per day. According to the American National Sleep Research Foundation, these children sleep 9.1 ounces a day, while those who do not consume such drinks spend 9.7 ounces a day - that is, 3.5 ounces a week!Bones and teeth are in danger
Caffeine reduces calcium absorption, which increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. The excess of carbonic acid in the body in the form of empty calorie replenishes the body with a lot of sugar, the effect of which will soon be visible on their teeth.Inhibits the absorption of iron
Caffeine-containing products contain phenolic compounds that inhibit the absorption of iron from other foods, thus increasing the risk of anemia.

Baby and baby

The question arises as to how the pregnant body, the fetus, and the breastfed infant are affected by the mother's intake of stone and caffeine. Research has set high limits: reach the upper limit of 300 milligrams per day, that is, most of the "standard" three stones are still inside. This also has to take into account the side effects mentioned above, which are not good for a baby either. The same should be taken into consideration during breastfeeding. Neonates and young infants are depleted of caffeine in more than four days, due to the fact that the liver is irreversible, while one adult is over. If the baby's caffeine dose is always "potent", the substance will accumulate in your small body. This may cause sleep deprivation in some infants, and may cause heartbeat. Although researchers do not feel the need for full caffeine breastfeeding during breastfeeding, experiencing baby unrest can try for a few days without tea. Hátha's going to be calmer!
TermйkMennyisйgCaffeine content (mg)
kуla3 deci38
diet kula3 deci45
kбvй2 deci135
instant coffee2 deci95
black tea3 deci30-70
zцld tea2 deci30
milk chocolate28 grams6
йtcsoki28 grams20
ice tea3 deci35- 70
kakaу2 deci5
energy drinks2.5 deci80
chocolate milk2 deci5
stone chocolate bar25 gramsWith 2.9% currency
coffee ice cream1 Bottle40-60
some analgesics, anti-cold medicines1 tablet30