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In the jungle, we're killing this kiddie's order like the rest

In the jungle, we're killing this kiddie's order like the rest

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In our series, we are looking for health workers who consider a child as a child, a parent, even in the face of the general trend. They are our heroes.

Dr. Kirбly Balzzs pediatric hospital on order

Once upon a time, there was a run-down medical office on the cape. In a windowless corridor, children were greeted by a cloud of viruses until their turn, and enthusiastic doctors healed in a frantic order. Everyone was very fed up with it. Doctors began to organize themselves, and after many successions in office, a unique petition and with the help of the mayor of the district, the municipality began to reconstruct the building. The designers asked the doctors how they wanted to work, and the doctors, who were both dads and moms themselves, asked the designers what place to take their children to when they were ill. Thus, after much training and a lot of work, the jungle, aquarium, playground, reception-free, electric display pediatrician was completed. He's always on the edge of the city, but he's all over the wonders.
"The new order has also brought a new look," says Dr. Balazs Kiraby Children's Crib as he leads the fascinating business. - We want the kids and the parents to feel good about themselves, of course, of course. And they also get to know each other and belong to a community. Uncle Balazs does not speak into the air, he corrects what he wants. They have a family day out four times a year, with puns, a playhouse, and a band (where he heads the tub, but it's a secret!). Courses are being held, most recently by the assistants working here, and by reiterating their first aid and reinstatement teeth.

A drop of blood

The Pediatric Orphanage is also special in other respects. Doctors found it important to help with the least amount of intervention, pain, but with the greatest efficiency.
- We have a separate room where we can observe a more critical child and start the necessary treatment, say inhalation in the event of an asthma attack. It may be that the condition of the child is improved so much under one or two hours that one does not need to go to court. And if you end up hospitalized, your child will be in a much better condition than without treatment. Hospitals and children are also blaring. It is very important that we set up a diagnostic tool. One drop of blood can be tested from 16 points of view, so you have to send a kid to the lab less often and you get results very quickly.

Responsible parents

- There are many things that need to be changed in health care. One of the purposes of the jungle office is to invite parents to the institution. In the old town hall, I certainly would not have been up to the child, many people do not do so today, I would rather call the doctor. And if I'm out of the prescription because of a cough or a hysterectomy, I might have a kid who would have needed to see a doctor that day. There are a lot of extra doctor-patient meetings. It would be good if parents were more intelligent and health conscious. Among other things, we have launched our blog with three other colleagues. You can read more about the order here.


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