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You've Got A Birthday To The World!

You've Got A Birthday To The World!

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You may be wondering why expectant mothers-to-be are long and uncomfortable on the road, or on the plane at week 36. The answer is simple. Because you want the best for your child and yourself. Ellentmondбs? Of course!

Today, many people are giving him a definitive idea of ​​his birth. Then we go to the selected church and talk: our ideas are not in any relation to the currency. "No, Mom, there is no birth in water", "No, Mom, there is no protection in this place", "Daddy can come, but ...", "We go to the baby room just to be moved out". The majority are disappointed to admit, but some insist on a parenting plan, seeking until they find the ideal environment or the person they are completely safe from. And if necessary, they travel over hundreds of miles.

The twins came to life without intervention

Pécsrl to BudapestDistance: 200 kmWhen: 39 weeks gestation

- I was expecting a twin child (our third and fourth children), meaning I was considered a pregnant woman by medical protocol - she tells Bodor Andrea Lili. - The bar didn't have any complaints, somehow I was surrounded by scars. I was fed up with the words "high risk", "possible complication" because I felt my body was doing its job well, just as I was hearing the icy look of a baby being a clinician. According to the protocol, the patient has a history of fatigue, obligatory banding, oxytocin, etc. she would have expected me, two women, two babies, two babies, two pediatricians, who would have led the delivery and the butter. Smaller football team ... It was very far from the unrelenting birth that I ended up with if the babies were good. I consulted my cousin, who was very understanding and asked me to find a place where I did not know how to "give birth". Budapest, Szent Imre Kуrhбz. Well, we ran home, packed up and moved to Pest five days before birth to my brother. I thought it wouldn't be a sacrifice for two people to take the chance to bring the children to the world the way I want. Dr. Kovacs to Zoltán I was a very flexible, holistic-minded doctor. Rather than trying to guide the parent, he avoided any unnecessary intervention. I could let go, no one was urging, nothing was obligatory. Perhaps it is also due to this tranquility that my girlfriends were barely born under another night. I could also choose the pullout. The first one was hugging, clinging to the couple, and the second one was born half-heartedly. The little ones were immediately placed on my chest and examined on me. Two infant babies were ordered for safety, but they were not picked up, they were just in the corner, not dirty. The pediatrician only entered the room when all two children were smiling at me. When the pie was born, I was asked if I wanted to take it. We were planning to bring home, save, and plant a tree of life, but then, it didn't even come to our minds. It was very surprising that we came up and we didn't have to whine for him. She was a shrewd body, all tension free, exactly what we were looking for.

In England, you have never had a henchman,
everyone was happy to do the job

Budapest to Great Britain (Milton Keynes, London about 100 kilometers)Distance: approx. 1500kmWhen: Four weeks before the scheduled time

- I have a child like that. I'm sorry if my boyfriend was Hungarian, I probably never would have thought I'd be born abroad - he tells me Bender Erika. "But the British have had the opportunity to look into the English health system." When he found out that he was expecting a child, he immersed himself in the literature with great enthusiasm, familiarized himself with the domestic environment, and was astonished at the amount of diversity. There is no incision in the island, especially at the time of my first child's birth, it was an absolute routine, there is no admission, there is no doctor, no medicine, but there is a well-prepared and nice staff, well-equipped rooms. I gave birth to my first child in Hungary. My father's birth was not fashionable at the time, and my son could only contend with great hardship. Pregnant moms were queuing in front of the baby room and could only go to the finish line, shouting over my head, ordering me, not to mention that the couple and my doctor were pushing me throughout my baby. The whole situation was awkward, conveyor belt, impersonal, nobody had a nice word, but when they held their grin they smiled broadly. Then I vowed I would never want to regret it again, so if we had children, we would have parents outside. I've traveled to this destination three times ... I'm a travel guide, a natural condition for my flight, so for a moment I didn't have the thought of having to toss it big. Four weeks before the planned date of birth, I traveled to my mother's and when the fetal water flowed, we drove to the nearest state hospital. There was no rush or loud noise. I could walk, eat, and from the beginning I was in my own room. We didn't have to worry about the doctor being chosen just because there was no one outside. Parents are led by highly trained midwives who work in a care system. All smiles, dear women, who, in addition to giving birth, have had time to make my mother's tea and biscuits. It was somehow more natural, simpler. I let my body work, they didn't bother me, they didn't do unnecessary examinations. As my wife is a British citizen, the health services were free for me as well. We didn't even bother with the hype. We would have gotten them killed.

Mario and Sandra traveled to Budapest to visit Sardinia.
Stella was born here in July

Sardinia to BudapestDistance: approx. 1400 kmWhen: Four weeks before the scheduled time

- My brother, Mario Austrian citizen, we have a pension in Sardinia. At first sight, we fell in love with the island and decided we would settle down there and start a family - he tells Szandra. - When it turned out that I was expecting a baby, we quickly realized that the little point was coming in the high season, and since it was important for both of us to have my boyfriend with me on the big day, it didn't take long to get home. But we had a lot of fears and questions about what it might be like to be born in a foreign country, in a foreign culture, in another language. I started searching the net for help. So I found it on the blue Emke. I wrote an email, so we went on skype. From the first moment he was very sympathetic, so I asked him to come out and be with me during the birth. Unfortunately, there was an imminent birth for my date, so she couldn't do birth, and the bar did everything to find someone for her, so I felt like no one else.
- At the end of our first conversation, we both felt that there was so much request, sensation in the blood that it would be much better for us to meet in person, says Emke Dee Békés. - The events fluttered, the airline ticket arrived in the mail and a couple of days later we talked about the mother's choice, buttering, breastfeeding. I think this was a very special day for both of us. I carried books and magazines, tried to give all my knowledge in a couple of days. Sandra and her husband also seemed to calm down. I walked away with ease and asked them to go and see the hospital where Sandra would be born and get to know the opportunities there even before birth. A few days later I received a desperate letter.
"Nothing was the way I imagined it," Sandra explains. - Although the hospital was victorious, my birth represented an impersonal, "conservative" line, and there was no alternative to using techniques, that is to say, the conditions that I had. We agreed that this was the most significant event in our lives, so we booked a ticket to the closest Budapest event.
- I was applauded for Sandra's decision because, in my experience, many are the most comfortable in the birth field, and it means a lot to a parent when choosing a mother tongue in her mother tongue. If you don't get the emotional support you need, there are no people you trust, you don't understand what's going on, you can make it tense. However, safety is very important in the confinement and in the parenting world, as it is the stress that relieves the baby from releasing tension. Because of the shortness of time, and given the situation, I have tried to help ensure that this security security is formed in Sandra as soon as possible. The first time I saw her talk to her midwife at the hospital's midwifery, I felt a sense of urgency because then I felt that Sandra had "arrived" somewhere. - Was it worth traveling thousands of kilometers because I insisted on my ideas? Sandra asks himself. - It was obviously the best decision. Because everything here is given to me to be born the way I imagined it.