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For a while, there will be no hospital beds for parents

For a while, there will be no hospital beds for parents

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Out-of-pocket purchases have been made for two months, but they are still in the making.

The State Center for Health Care (CBC), on March 2, continued to seek immediate solutions to the problem of the placement of sick children with foreign parents. We also thought you would start buying "moms" that month, but not only did the mothers arrive, but only in the pre-production phase - reports a while, there will be no hospital beds for parents Even in November last year, Zsolt Orosvriri called attention to the unfavorable conditions of parents' hospitalization, which he offered to his mother.
The majority of hospitals use beds, and there are institutions (eg Heim Paul House and Debrecen Children's Clinic) that do not use beds for any reason responded by trying to make sure parents got the right accommodation for their sick children. the page: the beйrkezett kуrhбzi igйnyek alapjбn 386 бgy beszerzйse szьksйges, in this irбnyulу kцzbeszerzйsi eljбrбsnak mйg but only elхkйszнtйse kezdхdцtt meg.Az vбlaszбbуl Emmi also kiderьl to 29 intйzmйnybe szбnt fotelбgy 158, 182 цsszecsukhatу бgy йs 46 fixed kуrtermi бgy цsszesen It will cost 45 million forints - almost 117 million er forint - he tells and also reminds me that the ones chosen by health experts of Zsolt Orosvár cost 12 thousand forints. - In 34 institutions - Due to the building's physical condition and the physical condition of the houses, it is not possible to accommodate additional beds.
  • Parents who cannot stay with the sick child in the hospital cannot ask for money
  • Heim Pál Hospital says donations are not good
  • The parents are still sleeping on the ground, even though it would be in the hospital