During the race, the ultramarathonist breastfed his child

During the race, the ultramarathonist breastfed his child

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Sophie Power A 36-year-old ultramarathon racer breastfeeded three-month-olds during the race. This photographer has had a great career. The mother was surprised at what came suddenly, but she was afraid that there was a dialogue in the subject.

During the race, the ultramarathonist breastfed his childThe photo of the 36-year-old has started around the world a week ago Sophie Power breastfeeding a three-month-old baby boy during an ultramarathon race break. The photographer had a great career in just a couple of days, and they talked about it almost everywhere. Power was suddenly aware of the sudden news, he didn't expect the photographer to have any career, nor was he meant to get the picture across to others. "This is something that women don't know this enormous motherly consciousness that you have to pay constant attention to your baby and I say that if you are not paying attention to your own physical and mental health, you cannot be the best mother either. I need to be fit women have a lot of trouble being able to talk openly about it "- quotes Power at an interview with the Guardian. He also talked about the race: was probably the most trained competitor in the field. He finished the race in 44 hours. He ran into the target line with two children: the bigger one flinched, the smaller one in the last 50 meters. mother is a woman, you do not need to change her identity and lose what you had before. Just like this is natural for men.
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