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When you are out of help

When you are out of help

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Many times things don't turn out the way they were designed. Ildikou tells the story.

Her baby birth has frustrated her idea that pregnant mothers are not being prepared by the news, the internet, or anything else to do as planned. Although it is true that I have not read the forums and reports about the problems, saying that a positive attitude is the most important, I do not pre-empt what can come. I had a loose grasp on childbirth because it had to stop, it didn't help if I was worried in advance, and I was trying to prepare for a normal, natural birth. Pregnancy was by week 38, according to the textbook, all results were perfect. It could be said right now that it was a birthing story, but no, it was just the catalyst for our first month, which fundamentally shook my faith in myself, in the plans, in the mother-child relationship. For it happened that at week 38, we produce borderline results for virtually no reason, so the chief physician did not want to risk and on Thursday I highlighted my baby's imprint. After surgery, it turned out that pregnancy toxemia was caused by a type that was not triggered by childbirth but was triggered by it. I've never read this before.
I spent three days intensely and spent my days in fear because of the many drugs that were dripping inside me. During this time, I saw my baby three times ten minutes later, who was always asleep, not even waking up on the third day, because he only had sugar water until then. Нgy I couldn't put it on my breastand that was when the negative process started, but unfortunately I didn't realize it. In a state where she wasn't there, either right or wrong, but I didn't realize that there was a little girl inside the shop that I had been expecting for the past nine months. I lost the soil completely under my foot.
Unfortunately for me, I asked for a baby-mom room and I think if everything went well, it wouldn't have been a problem, but infant nurses realized that they didn't even have to look at me.
My baby was with me in the sun, I tried megszoptatni, unsuccessfully, and since my wound healed very slowly, I took it overnight. (For the sake of relaxing in the church and being able to make it home). Well, then it made me feel like I'm the worst mom in the world. My milk production started on the fourth day, but I couldn't believe my baby couldn't call it (because it was completely yellow by that time), so on the fourth day I went to the baby class with a bunch of concrete. There, of course, I was betting why I didn't give birth first.
We brought the baby print home on the morning of the fifth day. After that, a four-month-old celebrity started out, which at first was so poor that he could not swallow, but neither the pediatrician nor the nurse knew the solution. He had been hospitalized for three weeks because he had flushed out. Even then, they couldn't believe me that he was asleep so much that he had no gut reflex, until a doctor tried to feed him that he would show him how.
After a bit of recovery, we came home - from there until the fourth month, an industrial Medela head machine was my closest friend, and the tea, the capsules, that stimulate milk production. I gained 18 kilos, day and night, I was fully finished. At the end of the fourth month, by the time she could have sucked, my baby didn't ask for milk from either breast or glass. I poured two and a half liters of frozen breast milk into the drain…
At that time, it turned out that a friend of mine had come to know him. They didn't get any lab results when they left the baby, which they thought would be a problem.
For me, this was one of the worst times of my life. In the fifth month, I started to love my soul as much as I should have from day one, even if I had done everything for it.
I do not know if I will dare to be born again, but if it does, and in a similar fashion, I will by no means end it. Typically, with a resting mom and a well-behaved baby, I think things will get better. Most importantly, if someone wakes up, get up early, filter out soothers, and as long as you can swallow, fill the baby up so you can wake up and start eating as soon as possible.


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