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Productivity mechanical barriers

Productivity mechanical barriers

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There are many reasons why a couple is having trouble waiting for their childhood. One of the most common of these is when, due to some mechanical impediment, the egg and the hormone sperm can not be contacted.

Productivity mechanical barriers

When the big meeting doesn't come up

If a woman complains to her doctor that she has not been pregnant for a long time with regular sexual activity, ovarian or ovarian function and then, if they are okay, look for any genital abnormalities, abnormalities of the genitalia. with the hormone cell for some meeting, for fertility. This can have mechanical barriers. Infertility is very common in the background organ problemswhen the oviducts have become frayed or completely blocked for some reason. It also happens that the germ cells are obstructed.Important Path
The fallopian tubes (also known as fallopian tubes, larvae) are two bodies on the two sides of the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane, very small in diameter, barely one to two millimeters in the narrowest section. They extend into the abdominal cavity and their free lips expand. In the village, you can visit the well-known muzeum - ъn. fimbriae direct the ovum from the surface of the ovaries to the mature ovum. The fogamzбsban szerepьk is important, since the megtermйkenyьlйs, i.e. oocyte йs the hнmivarsejt talбlkozбsa kцvetkezik the petevezetхben, then you have already osztуdу ovum mйhkьrt nyбlkahбrtyбjбn talбlhatу csillуszхrцk kerьl terelх mozgбsбval the mйh ьregйbe wherein the beбgyazуdva nyбlkahбrtyбba fejlхdik tovбbb.

Consequences of inflammation

Quite often it occurs in some form of the former, sexually transmitted fertхzйs, ovarian or pelvic inflammation as a result of scarring of the ovaries, possibly due to congenital lesions of previous abdominal surgery, the fallopian tubes have fallen or become completely impenetrable. One consequence of this is that it is difficult or not to become pregnant at all, and the other, very dangerous, condition may be the occurrence of an utter pregnancy. In this case, the small ovum can still pass through the oviducts, but the larger ovum gets stuck in the thymus, meaning that the fertilized egg does not come to the end of the egg, but to the head there is no chance of conception. If only one side has a problem, fertility is not excluded, although its currency is lower. In some cases, there is a way to repair ovarian tuberculosis, and if that fails, childbirth is the "flask program", that is, in vitro fertilization can help live.

Other mechanical barriers

Termйketlensйgi common cause of endometriуzis when mйhnyбlkahбrtya szцvetйnek darabkбi INTO THE mйhen kнvьlre the hasьregben and its organs, pйldбul settle the petevezetйken, йs cause there reagбlva vйrzйst, gцrcsцket, цsszenцvйseket hormonvбltozбsaira the monthly cycle, etc. The fogamzбs meghiъsulhat the mйh бllapota, and any changes thereto. These may be congenital malformations (soft tissue, underdeveloped meninges), malignancies (malignant tumors or malignant tumors), inflammation and consequently malignancy of the pancreas or other disease.

Sperm abnormalities

Not only the egg but also the germ cells are full of obstructions. It is not uncommon for up to a few hundred of the millions of sperm to reach the ovum, and one to produce it. THE there may be obstacles in a male organization sperm ъtjбban: gyulladбs, fertхzйs, hegesedйs kцvetkeztйben цsszetapadhatnak the mellйkhere-jбratok or spermavezetйkek also hasonlуan along the felfelй nхi petevezetйkekhez.A hьvelyben бthatolhatatlanul sыrы due to the increased nyбkkйpzхdйse mйhnyak nyбk or immune material szokбsosnбl tцbb tartalmazу nyбk the hнmivarsejtek ъtjбt бllhatja . Occasionally, spermicidal antibodies are produced specifically in the cervix.In the vaginal mucosa, normal conditions are established that establishes a bacterial flora that aids in the control of the disease. If it is infectious or dies by radical antibiotic treatment or other causes, the acidic chemistry of the vagina changes and recurrent infections cause local inflammation. The inflammatory condition of the vagina can also prevent conception.
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