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Flame retardation: with medication or otherwise?

Flame retardation: with medication or otherwise?

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They are available in many different types of flame retardants, but are they equally effective? And what can we expect from traditional methods?

Paracetamol and acetaminophen-containing antipyretics are extremely popular with parents with young children when they need antipyretics. Together with ibuprofen and physical methods (cooling), these symptoms are also used to relieve and prevent cramping. However, opinions differ on the effectiveness of paracetamol.

Martin Meremikwu and Angela Oyo-Ita Nigerian researchers have looked at the effects of paracetamol in children on cessation of fever, on the appearance of cysts, and on other symptoms associated with fever. The analysis can be found in issue 2 of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews this year. The researchers looked at a total of 12 studies in which paracetamol had an antipyretic effect on placebo and physical methods (such as cold bath, priznication, or shaving). There was insufficient evidence to suggest that the drug influenced the risk of lymph nodes, and furthermore, the effect of paracetamol and priznic in the treatment after treatment was not significant. Severe side effects were not reported in any of the groups, with mild to moderate side effects occurring with paracetamol and in children treated with placebo or physical therapy, with the same frequency and frequency. According to the researchers, there are few studies that directly compare the anti-inflammatory effects of paracetamol with those of placebo and physical methods, and little information is available on side effects. In the course of further research, it is worth examining the time course of the antipyretic effect and how it influenced the frequency of the spasmodic, as it would be possible to compare different drugs.Baby Room: With regard to fever, it is important to note that fever is not a problem to fight because it is a symptom of the body's defensive reaction, which itself begins to decrease in temperature. Many times, however, it results in such a bad state of mind and pain that it requires the use of some type of flame retardant method, fortunately, there is no shortage of these. Staging points differ in how high fever is used to relieve fever, and physical methods differ in how they heat (aid in the body's flame reaction) or cool the body. Therefore, consider the opinion and recommendations of your home pediatrician in the case of your own child! In the meantime, observe the child carefully how he responds to fever, and you can build on these experiences in the future. Attention! For infantile fever less than six months old, it is worth consulting your doctor first.
Source: Cochrane Database


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