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Special Story - Find the Root

Special Story - Find the Root

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Does the parent want much, the child will become sick? The following "case history" is so unusual that it is a specialist ...

Katalin, a lovely, slightly curvy, 29-year-old educator, came to order and help with our 14-month-old baby. The "sick" Zsuzska, barely a year old, "gets sick" several times a day, sometimes 8-10 times. They had been through all exams, and the pediatricians and surgeons had found no cause for vomiting. The only thing left is the psychic cause on an exclusive basis. We also agree with our pediatric psychiatrist. it offers the possibility of games. For the first time, we also involved the mother in the middle games. It was then that she realized that her mother wanted to improve every little thing she did.

Mental problems often cause physical symptoms

You want your baby to give the best impression possible - expect behavior that is natural to a much older child. It would be important for Zsuzska to be a very, very picky child. In Zsuzska's life history, it turned out that her mother and father were very conscious about the childhood and the reception. When they had overcome the difficulties of home-making, by then they both had abandoned cigarettes, striving for a healthy, well-planned, hoped-for child with their own childhood experiences. The father, Zsolt's parents, persisted side by side, but they quarreled over their lives. Catherine did not know her parents, and she went to an institution later in life after childbirth, for those who were looking for more support in the baby than to provide support. He returned to the institution due to inadequate care and then hoped for a new nurse.
They got help with life, they were provided with food, they had enough to eat, they had their own bed, they had the school equipment and the place to study, and they could be loved. But when, by the age of 10, reading experience and reading have become regular, passionate reading, it has since become a source of strife. The educators expected him to do more housework, handicraft, but he struggled for years with books. Around the age of 14, he asked himself back to the institution because of these, where he could read, and where he found educators who were interested in doing so. and the extraordinary behavior is probably where there is an exaggerated maternal concern. I ask if you try to flush yourself, Zsuzska try to divert your attention, and if it happens again, you should remove it, wash it, and put it in a clean clothes, - number of nausea. I asked him to let me play with Zsuzsi only, so that he would be a passive participant. Well, you couldn't do it. She was born again and again, stuck in good sneaking games, and she was trying to correct her baby's "mistakes" and patch up her deficiencies with maternal care. True, he always woke up to excessive activity and turned himself back into the role of a passive mother - but that was not long-lasting… The nйgyszemkцzti beszйlgetйs sorбn tбrta up йlettцrtйnetйt and unfolded szбmomra jуl kцvethetхen, бtйlhetхen the tцkйletes anyasбgra everything nyъjtбsra tцrekvйs sajбt closely kapcsolуdу hбttere йlettцrtйnethez, and the tйny that rendkнvьl йrtelmes йs very йrzйkeny kislбny mйg jуval this level kцzelнtх gondolkodбs kialakulбsa how she felt about this maternal ambition - and used her strange manipulation of the mother. style / practice in order to provide security for your baby, but do not seek permanent certification and certification themselves. When we said goodbye, vomiting occurred only rarely. They also visit from time to time or call on the phone if they have a problem they feel difficult to solve on their own.